New York Eats: Kodama Sushi @ Hell’s Kitchen

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Headed to Kodama Sushi just before a concert, and I was super glad that we were seated and served really quickly. The restaurant was off to a side street and was rather crowded when we got in. Thankfully a group of 4 left just as we got in, and we got their little table!

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I wish I sat near the chefs. That way you can at least tell what is the freshest catch of the day.

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Small Green Salad – $3.50: Tiny for the price (like a small rice bowl worth of salad), but the sauce was delicious. I wish there were more veggies other than greens, one sliver of carrot and a sliced cherry tomato. Seriously?!

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Kodama Roll, 7 kinds of fish and flying roe – $9: No idea why I picked this roll to begin with. It was basically a grab bag of raw fish in a roll. Haha! I picked out each fish and ate them like sashimi. A ton of raw fish and I eventually could name all of them. It definitely doesn’t work as a roll because there’s just way too much for a bite, but the idea at least was interesting.

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Katsu Curry – $13: A little bit of a disappointment. There were only a few slices of pork (4, maybe 5?) and the curry sauce had almost no veggies in it, unlike most other Japanese curries, where they will leave you a few chunks of carrot and onion. I also didn’t understand the steamed veggies on the side. Just give me my rice, meat and veggies smothered in the curry sauce! Sauce wise, it was ok, but a little watery for my taste. Probably won’t have this again.

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Beautiful Times Square going into Hell’s Kitchen at night!


Kodama Sushi

Address: 301 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-582-806

Hours: M-F | 11am – 11pm
Sa | 5pm – 11pm
Su | 5pm – 10pm

Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)

Overall: Maybe?


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