Singapore Eats: Sushi Express @ Orchard


My mom and I were supposed to be out meeting a friend of hers for lunch. She had high hopes for a nice fancy lunch, but when her friend made the executive decision to stand in line for Sushi Express (the line was actually quite long), my mom was visibly disappointed. She loves trying new things, and sushi belt sushi is just not new to her. 😦 I was a little disappointed too, because while I love sushi, I love sushi rolls made with care, I particularly do not care for sushi made for the mass general public. Call me a snob, but damn do I love great sushi.

After visiting Sushi Express, I dare say that this is probably the Best Value sushi in Singapore. At $1.50 per plate for the quality given, I would totally be back.



Marinated Salmon Nigiri: Not my favorite because I love my raw fish unadulterated. The sauce was a little sweet and did not pair well with the fresh fish. Maybe this is just me not liking sauces on my raw fish. At least the fish was fresh!


Salmon Nigiri: I had three plates of this. As you can tell, this cut was from a salmon belly, and it covered the entire ball or rice. For $1.50, this was definitely my favorite and to-go of the meal!


Sea Scallop: This plate came with two, but my mum ate one before I managed to get a snapshot of it. The scallops were huge, but were also chewy. The sweet sauce over it was surprisingly good.


Octopus Nigiri: Surprisingly, the octopus was not chewy! I feel like it would have been better without the sauce though.


Special Maki: An interesting take to the usual maki with the addition of pork floss. The pork floss and sweet tofu also works really well together. I actually really like this maki roll!


Salmon and Roe Maki: Three pieces of this on a plate! The salmon is really fresh, but I didn’t like the huge glob of Japanese mayo on top. There was just too much mayo and it overpowered the fragrance of the fresh fish.



Herbal Jelly: Sweet jelly. Does not have a herbal taste to it, but it was light and was a good end to the meal.

Sushi Express

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-24 313@Somerset

Phone: (+65) 65095002

Hours: M-Su | 11am – 9.30pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)

Overall: Wouldn’t mind for the price.


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