California Eats: Walzwerk @ Mission [San Fran]



Was introduced to Walzwerk by my friend CH and his roommate Matt, our hots for the SF segment of our Cali roadtrip! The above sign was on the door to the restaurant, which added a sense of reality to this adventure. Walzwerk is an East German (communist German) restaurant, and the interior and decor fitted this aptly. I felt like I was transported back to East Germany – almost. The servers spoke German, and I tried conversing with them in German. Tried. 




The interior of the restaurant. I like the posters!


photo 1


House Appetizer – on the house: On the left, we had a piece of salami (?) and slice of radish with horseradish on pumpernickel. It was tangy and delicious! On the right, we had a slice of cheese (don’t know what it is, but it was dry), a slice of radish and more horseradish on pumpernickel. I generally appreciate little appetizers to start my appetite while reading the menu. What a great idea!


photo 3


Onion Cake – $9: This onion cake was from the daily special menu and not on their regular menu. It is delicious! At first, I had no idea of what to expect of an onion cake, but the word ‘caramelized onion’ sold me. It is basically layers of caramelized onion held together with cheese and cream. What more can one want? You got me at caramelized onions.


photo 4

Jäger Schnitzel (Porkloin) with Spätzle and Creamy Mushrooom Sauce – $16: The best thing I had in San Francisco – granted, we didn’t have that many meals in SF. The spatzle was the right texture – perfect! The pork schnitzel was very tender with little bits of fat (I’m so glad they didn’t trim all of that lovely fat away), and deep fried. It was not crispy by the time it got to me because it soaked up all the cream sauce. The mushroom cream sauce is simply to die for. There was so much mushrooms in there, I definitely had several slices of mushroom in each bite. The serving was huge too, which made me happy because it meant I had breakfast the next day. I will definitely be back for this. So good, so creamy, so delightful. Comfort food, for sure!

photo 5

Sauerbraten (Marinated Beef) with Potato Dumplings and Braised Red Cabbage – $18: The marinated beef was so tender, it was hard to pick up with your fork. I don’t know what it was marinated with, but it was definitely wine and vinegar intensive. Maybe some of this tangyness was from the sauerkraut (braised red cabbage) on the side, but everything bled together on the plate that it was hard to tell. The potato dumplings were kinda strange. I expected a firmer mashed potato dumpling with stuffing. Instead, it tasted like a hard-ish potato flour ball that wasn’t very flavorful. The stuffing was minimal, and we didn’t know what was in it. This plate would have been much better if there was a less sloppy presentation, better potato dumplings and something rich or creamy to cut the acid. The beef was delicious though!



Address: 381 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco CA 94103

Phone: (415) 551-7181

Hours: T-Su | 5.30pm – 10pm

Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $30 per person)


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