New York Eats: Tina’s Cuban Cuisine @ Midtown West

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Decided to drop in at Tina’s Cuban Cuisine with a friend because we were at the MOMA, and wanted something quick, cheap and good. Our good friend Yelp came to the rescue, and that was how we found Tina’s! Excellent find, if I may so say so myself. I loved everything there! The portions were great, and the green sauce! Whatever it is, it’s the best green sauce I’ve ever come in contact with. I’ll drink it by the gallons! Definitely drop by Tina’s if you’re in the Midtown West area.

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Here’s a beef empanada. You can tell it’s handmade!

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Here’s the chicken empanada! It has a slightly different crimping than the beef one.

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Beef or Chicken Empanada – $1.65: One of the best empanadas I’ve ever had. Fried to deliciousness, and the pastry is so crispy and light. Light! It’s amazing. The fillings were really good too. I liked both the beef and chicken. They were different, but both were very flavorful. Better yet, each empanada was stuffed with them! The best thing on the plate though, was that green sauce. I have no idea what it is, but once I discovered it, I had it with everything. Best empanadas ever. Next time I’m here, I’m getting ten empanadas with two bottles of that green sauce and stuff myself crazy. Whoahh!!!

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Marsitas de Puerco Fried Pork Chunks – $9.99: As usual, I added that green sauce to the entire plate too. The pork chunks were soft and tender (I know it doesn’t look it in the photo, but trust me), and had a very slight seasoning to it. I would have loved it more if it weren’t fried this dark and had more of a flavor kick, but it was still very good. Fried plantains on my plate also makes me very very happy.

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Pollo al Horno Baked Chicken – $9: The chicken here is so tender and flavorful! Wish we got yellow rice instead of the white one because the yellow rice was more flavorful, while the white rice was just plain (we were stupid! We thought it would be rice pilaf!) Beans were ok, nothing to cry about. Chicken is good though, and green sauce over everything makes it great!

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I was very pleasantly surprised at this tiny restaurant. I’ll be back for empanadas and green sauce!

Tina’s Cuban Cuisine

Address: 179 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

Phone: (212) 679-3500

Hours: M – F | 8am – 8pm

Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)

Overall: Will be back!


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