Boston Eats: Sapporo Ramen @ HMart Cambridge

Who was the happiest person in the world when HMart opened in Central Square? Me. [Ok, that was an exaggeration, but you get the idea.] I love HMart. I love it so much that when I was applying for doctoral programs a couple of years ago, I made sure that every school that I considered had an HMart within driving distance, and that’s how I ended up at Brandeis. [Kidding again!]

Anyway, I’ve been to the new HMart about 10 time since it opened, but was always on the way to lunch with friends, or had just had lunch with friends and never got to eat there. I’ve had Paris Baguette before – it’s in Singapore too, and I’ve had Gogo Curry in NYC, so that’s nothing new to me either. Sapporo Ramen, on the other hand, had been that one stall at the Porter Galleria that was unattainable; the lines were long and when I’m at the Porter Galleria, I’m always hungry and want food now, and so I never got a chance to try Sapporo Ramen, although I’ve heard so much about it.

People say it’s “the best ramen in Boston”, but really, the one at HMart SUCKS! Ooops, I’m sorry, but it really really sucks!


House Ramen – $9.50: And here’s why it sucks. The prices at this Sapporo Ramen is about 50% more than the one at Porter galleria – $6ish vs $9ish, at the very cheapest! Also, for $10ish (they add some random sales tax and food tax) you get a bowl of ramen that is lukewarm at best, has one slice (yes, you heard me right, ONE pathetic slice) of pork, some bamboo shoots, a teeny stalk of yu choy and a sprinkling of chopped scallions. For ten bucks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Apart from the abysmal portions, the stock was thin and lacked any flavor. I mean, it’s ramen, the stock is where the money is, and this one was soy sauce swimming in boiled water. Seriously ramen lovers, look somewhere else for your ramen. Thumbs down down down down down.


And you know what felt worse than having a bowl of shitty ramen? Inviting a friend to have shitty ramen with me. Thank goodness we went to a great place for tea and chillin’ later or I would have gutted myself for being a terrible friend. Here’s Bev and I after our ramens. We played together in an orchestra some ten or twelve years ago, and crossed paths here again in Boston – who would have thought? The world is shrinking on itself.

Sapporo Ramen (inside HMart)
Address: 581 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (857) 209-2747
Price: $$ ($10 – $20 per person)
Hours: M-Su | 11.30am – 9pm
Overall: Disappointing! Meh.


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