Maine Eats: Ebenezer’s Pub @ Lovell

Went to Ebenezer’s on the way up to the White Mountains for a work retreat. It really was not quite on the way, but there were many beer drinkers in our crowd, and so this was an annual detour that hails the beginning of the staff retreat! Ebenezer’s features many different beers, and is famous for being a watering hole. In the evenings, the line goes out the door! We were lucky, because we were there from 2.30pm to 4.30pm and it was quiet when we got there, by the time we were ready to leave, the place was bustling with activity!



13 Time #1 Beer Destination in the world!



Entrance to Ebenezer’s. Inside was very very chill. Of course, we’re in Maine!



Hungry Ebenezer Burger – $12.95: This was a burger and sausage all in one. A good sized angus burger topped with a whole sausage, smothered in marinera sauce and topped with a slice of provolone. The waitress recommended this when I asked her for recommendations for hungry people (don’t judge, we had been driving for almost 4 hours at this point) and this was what she recommended. Everything was good! The fries were good too, and I totally finished the entire plate – I was very proud of myself.

I don’t like beer, so I didn’t get any, but I did try a few sips of my co-workers’ brew here and there. Some were really interesting, and all the non-DDs wer at least 5 or 6 beers in by the time we left, and this was in the afternoon. Haha!

Ebenezer’s Restaurant and Pub

Address: 44 Allen Rd, Lovell, ME 04051

Phone: (207) 925-3200

Hours: Daily | 12pm – 1am

Price Range: $$

Overall: Decent


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