Boston Eats: Giacomo’s Ristorante @ North End

Yet another post from our North End mini-moon/staycation weekend. Here are other places we ate at that weekend: PanzaGalleria UmbertoThe Thinking Cup, and Brookline Brunch!

Some two months after our wedding, we finally had a weekend off to ourselves and J’s dad got us a hotel room at the Marriott Long Wharf for our mini-moon. Yeah, it’s been so busy that we had no available weekends after the wedding for more than two months. Insane! Anyway, that weekend was lovely. We were right on the water and steps away from the North End!

I was very excited to finally be early in line at Giacomo’s. We’ve tried to eat there twice before, but succumbed to hunger (too hungry to wait an hour and a half) or cold (it was in the winter and was too cold to stand outside for too long!) I was so excited that we went there at 4.15pm, wishfully thinking that the line was not long. Wishful thinking it was! Not only was the line already around the block (they open at 4.30pm), they had already seated the first seating, so it would be a while before the first seating had finished their meals. No worries though, it was 4.15pm – I could wait, and the weather was sunny and windy!

It took us only 45 minutes to get into Giacomo’s! People in front of just dropped like flies, and there were many big groups in front of us, so they had to wait a little longer. 45 minutes! That must be record time!


Here’s the menu!

I couldn’t for the longest time figure out what I wanted to eat. I wanted fried calamari – for sure – I always want fried calamari! I couldn’t decide between the Mussels & Clams, Clams only, or Frutti di Mare. They all seem so good! In the end, we just went all out and splurged – you never know when you can afford to wait hours to eat here again, plus it’s our mini-moon, right?


Garlic Bread – $4: Ordered this mainly because I wanted fried calamari, and J doesn’t like calamari, so I wanted him to have an appetizer too. It was a delicious sourdough, sliced and nicely toasted in butter, lots of garlic and herbs. It was wonderful! The slightly burnt edges added a lot of flavor, and toasted sourdoughs give a really spongy texture. Yum!


Fried Calamari (small serving) – $8: Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for fried calamari. I have fried calamari wherever I see it, and I almost always have fried calamari at BNMI meetings. This fried calamari was out of this world. They were very crisp and light, and the calamari was so sweet and juicy. I would say it melted in my mouth, but you wouldn’t believe me. I convinced J to try it, and… *drumrolls* he liked it. He never liked calamari, or mushrooms, or anything of this texture, but he liked it!! That’s probably the best compliment one can give calamari, and I’m so glad my husband eats fried calamari now. That way, we won’t have to order pity-appetizers when I get fried calamari!


Lobster and Shrimp Fusilli Special in Giacomo Sauce – $26: Every table we saw had at least one person ordering this! At the time of decisions, J decided that he didn’t like seafood, thus couldn’t find something on the menu that was interesting enough. So, he decided that he would try the lobster and shrimp fusilli partly because everyone was having it, and also because lobster and shrimp are basically all the seafood that he would tolerate. Turns out that it was a fantastic choice, because he slurped up every single bit of the sauce. I had a few (ok, more than a few) bites of it, and I’ve got to say – the fresh made fusilli was awesome, but the real star of the show was Giacomo’s sauce! Giacomo’s sauce is a creamy red (tomato) sauce made from lobster broth, and it paired up so nicely with the lobster and shrimp bits in the pasta. I say bits, but there was really a ton of lobsters in there, and there were also three massive shrimps. J couldn’t get over how big the shrimps were!


 Frutti di Mare – $20: So, in the end, I decided to go big or go home, and got the fruitti di mare. I’ve got to say that it was my best decision that weekend, and the best thing I tasted that weekend. Oh. My. God. This is exactly why the line outside Giacomo’s is the way it is. The seafood was fresh and plentiful – I got 7 mussels, 4 littleneck clams, 3 shrimps, 2 scallops and a ton of calamari on my plate. I ordered mine in scampi sauce (garlic and white wine), because that’s my preferred pasta (just give me tons of cheese!) The scampi sauce was so flavorful; it was like having a concentrated shot of sea in a bite. I loved it! Looks like I’ll be having exactly this next time and every time I’m back. This alone is worth a shitty week at work AND an hour long wait – it is that good! Also, I have to add that I really appreciate that Giacomo’s kept all their shellfish on the shell. It means it’s fresh!


Here’s us waiting in line. Totally worth it! Can’t wait to be back!

Giacomo’s Ristorante
Address: 355 Hanover St Boston, MA 02113
Hours: M-Sa | 4.30pm – 10pm
Su | 4.30pm – 9.30pm
Telephone: (617) 523-9026
Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $30 per person)
Overall: Feed me this every day! [Note: No reservations, so be prepared to stand in line!]


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