Boston Eats: Thinking Cup @ North End

Here are other places we ate at that weekend: PanzaGalleria Umberto, Giacomo’s and Brookline Brunch!

Here’s another from our mini-moon weekend at the North End. This was after having dinner at Giacomo’s and floating around in our hotel pool for a few hours because we were too full to do anything. We went to the Thinking Cup for a late kopi session, like I used to do with friends in Singapore. We arrived about 30 minutes before closing, and the place was still quite busy. The barista was super chirpy for 10.30pm, but he also made two random drinks for nobody because he probably heard wrong. The place had a nice and relaxing ambiance and I look forward to going back there for lunch to try out some of their sandwiches.


You walk in, and you order!


Hazelnut Praline – $6: I don’t know why it was called a praline, because it tasted nothing like pralines I know. It was basically a chocolate mousse covered with ganache on the outside. It tasted very very mildly of hazelnut, but the mousse inside was very smooth, and very chocolatey. Decent stuff! I saw that they had cheesecakes there as well that looked exactly like the mini cheesecakes I can get at Russo’s (for $2.25, instead of $6.)


Hazelnut Latte (Large) – $4.75: I came here to try the hazelnut latte after seeing a post on instagram about it. In my mind, hazelnut latte was an awesome thing – I dreamed that it tasted like molten Nutella. Unfortunately, this hazelnut latte was pretty meh. There was barely any hazelnutty undertones even though they grind their own hazelnut paste. And, because they grind their own hazelnut paste, there was a very weird/interesting texture of sand when you drink the latte. I don’t know if I liked it or not, but I downed the entire drink. Did it live up to my dream? Not quite.

Thinking Cup
Address: 236 Hanover St Boston, MA 02113
Telephone: (857) 233-5277
Hours: M-W | 7am – 10pm
Th – Su | 7am – 11pm
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)


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