Boston Eats: Galleria Umberto @ North End

Yet another meal from our North End mini-moon/staycation! Here are other places we ate at that weekend: PanzaGiacomo’s, The Thinking Cup, and Brookline Brunch!

We went to Galleria Umberto at 11.30am on a Saturday morning, and the line was already out the door!


Here’s the line after about 15 minutes of waiting! Yay! We were inside!


All sorts of calzones and panzarottis!


Calzones to the back, panzarottis to the front left, and those donut looking things are pizzettes! Pizzettes are basically arancini fillings in dough rather than wrapped in rice.


Here’s what we got for us to share. There’s two of us, and this is a good amount of food! Two pizzas, one arancini (arancino?) and a panzarotti! Everything is served on a small paper plate, and they gave us extras because we were sharing. I wonder how many of those paper plates they go through every day. A couple of thousand?


Pizza – $1.65: Soft, doughy, tomatoey and full of cheese. For $1.65, you really cannot go wrong with it! I have to say that it was pretty greasy and we both blotted out the visible fat to the horror of the people sitting around us. Hey, if that gives me an extra ten minutes of life, then why not? It is ten minutes more to experience good food, right? Anyway, it is the traditional Sicilian style pizza with the super thick crust. It’s not my choice of pizza, but it wasn’t bad.


Arancini – $3.25: This is basically ground meat and cheese wrapped in rice and deep fried. I generally love arancini – it’s rice (Asian person here) and deep fried, so what is there not to love? I’ve also had a bunch of arancini in my lifetime. Unfortunately this one was not quite there when compared to others. Firstly, it was not crunchy on the outside, therefore a waste of calories, because why eat deep fried food if it didn’t have the nice crunchy outside bits? Secondly, the rice bits were too salty for my tastebuds, and that saltiness overwhelmed the filling. Too bad though, I really wanted to like it.


Here’s the arancini sliced open.


Panzarotti – $1.65: This is basically mashed potato filled with cheese and deep fried. I used to think panzarotti was a pastry made with dough. I guess I’m wrong, or that there are different kinds of panzarotti! This one is awesome. I really liked the someone crispy outside crust and the contrast with the mushy mashed potato and goeey cheese!


Here’s our panzarotti sliced open. For less than $10 for lunch for two, I can see why the line for Galleria Umberto is out the door!

Galleria Umberto
Address: 289 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113
Telephone: (617) 227-5709
Price Range: $ ($0 – $10 per person)
Hours: M – Sa | 11am – 2.30pm, closed on Sundays
Overall: Did not live up to the hype, but was very cheap.


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