Boston Eats: Brookline Lunch @ Central Square

One last nom nom from our mini-moon/staycation weekend. Here are other places we ate at that weekend: PanzaGiacomo’s, Galleria Umberto and The Thinking Cup!

Brookline Lunch is in Central Square, right near where we take the bus to go home. It was Sunday afternoon, and so there was no better choice than to have Sunday brunch!


Interior of Brookline Lunch. Looks really fun and cool with the random odds and ends on the walls.


Chicken and Bacon Benedict – $8.75: I had three eggs in this benedict. The third egg was an exploded egg, and so it was completely boiled and hard, which was probably why they gave me three eggs instead of two. I have got to say that having both chicken and bacon on an eggs benny was probably overkill, but every single bit of this brunch was awesome! The two non-exploded eggs were delicious, and the hollandaise sauce on top of it was creamy and a little tart – just the way I like it! The bacon was crispy, and the chicken breast was so tender and lightly grilled. All that, on top of toasted english muffings? I was spoiled! BUT… that’s not all! I think the best thing on the plate was definitely the home fries! These have got to be my favorite home fries ever – there is nicely browned and crispy edged potatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots and spinach? Wow! Thanks for making me feel healthy for breakfast!


French Toast, Sausage and Eggs – $6.25: J’s breakfast of french toast, eggs and sausages. The french toast was swimming in butter and whipped cream – awesome in my books, but might not be so for the more health conscious. The eggs did not look like they were from egg mix. J only eats scrambled eggs, and I find scrambled eggs disgusting when places make it with egg mix. Seriously, what can be more disgusting than egg mix!? The sausages (though only 2 of them) were the same ones as In A Pickle! We give the stamp of approval on these, though I would still opt for something more interesting than just toast, eggs and sausages here.


Last but not least, there is their really really delicious hot sauce! I generally don’t like hot sauce, because I never grew up with it, and never understood non-Asian chili/hot sauces. They usually had one flavor – spicy, while the Asian ones add umami bombs like dried shrimp, fermented beans etc. Anyway, this hot sauce is pretty amazing. It is sour, spicy and has a sweet aftertaste. I liked it! And you can buy it in bottles there too!

Brookline Lunch
Address: 9 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA 02139
Telephone: (617) 354-2983
Hours: M, W-Su | 8.30am – 4pm
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)
Overall: Good!


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