Boston Eats: Karibu @ Waltham

It was Sunday night, and I survived playing a Saturday concert and a Sunday matinee, and all the rehearsing (and recording sessions) that preceded it, in addition to grading all the first drafts for my UWS class. There were nights that I slept close to nothing, and I felt like a good dinner was well deserved – also, who wants to stand around and cook, then have to clean up later?

I decided to go hit Karibu because it had always been an interesting and tucked away in a corner. Also, I’ve never had Ugandan food before, and the hipster in me wants to know what it’s like.

Walking into the restaurant, I feel like we’ve been transported away to a faraway land. There were safari scenes and banana trees on the wall! The vibe was super chill, and there were several groups of that were speaking in a tongue I cannot decipher – always a great sign! There was no menu, and our waitress came by and told us what they had for the day, and just brought food out!


Beef Samosas – $3 (for 2): Super crispy and had a wonderful crunch! The ground beef inside had a nutty and slightly spicy flavor. Wonderful! Reminds me of the samosas at Waltham India Market round the corner, except more delicate. We had two samosas each!


Nkoko (Chicken Stew) – $13: A generous amount of chicken in a tangy, cumin-y, tomatoey sauce. The chicken was super tender, and had the ‘fall-off-the-bone’ quality to it. The carrots added a layer of sweetness that is not immediately apparent in the dish. I really liked it!


Sides (came with the Chicken Stew): The spinach stirfry with carrots and onions were good, but nothing special. To the right of it, was mashed green plantains – bland, and interesting texture! It was supposed to be eaten with the peanut sauce, which is to die for! The peanut sauce is sweet-ish but also savory. It had mushrooms in it as well. The rice was cooked with beef (came with a rib of beef in the rice) and that was just perfect and fragrant. I can’t believe how much food there was!!

Chapati (not pictured) – $2: Ordered a side of chapati to share. It was flaky, buttery and so good at sopping up that delicious stew and peanut sauce. Tastes like a very very very good roti prata. I would come back for that!!

Address: 10 Crescent St Waltham, MA 02453
Telephone: (781) 899-7444
Hours: M – Su | 7am – 10pm
Price: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Great!


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