Singapore Eats: Ah Yat Seafood (Jurong Bird Park Branch) @ Jurong

Every time I go home, my second uncle will treat me to expensive (in my book) food (and I’m sure he also treats the rest of the family in my absence.) This time, my brother suggested going to Ah Yat Seafood at Jurong Bird Park – I have heard of Ah Yat’s abalones (out of my budget) but not seafood – because he’s been there a few times with his colleagues and it was good.

Because this meal was a treat (I didn’t pay for this meal,) I don’t know how much it costs. I know it was in the low 4-digits (my guess was $1000+) for 15 people, and doing that math brings me to about $67 per person. Pricey! I would never be able to afford such meals on my own, so thank you second uncle! Also, what you see here is from the table of 10 – the table of 5 had similar dishes in smaller sizes, except for the crabs (5 young men can really eat a lot!)

20141228_123607Crispy Fish Skin: Very light and not oily at all. Tastes like super crisp fish keropok. Delicious!

20141228_125323Fresh Jumbo Oysters – $6 each: Would have preferred if the left the ice off the oyster (seems like a Singapore thing, they don’t do that here in Boston!) Oysters were fresh, had a very very light fragrance, but did not have much taste. The oysters I’m used to tend to be a little salty from the sea water, but these were not at all. Good for Singapore standard – it was massive!
20141228_132456Fried Fish in Soy Sauce: My favorite dish of the meal! I forgot what fish it was and can’t tell because the head was desecrated! Super crisp and not at all oily! It was a 1kg fish (big fish!) but the meat was very tender and flaky! it was so crisp that you could eat the fins and some small bones. The soy sauce was very fragrant too – and we slurped it up with bowls and bowls of rice. Yummy! Haven’t had fish like this in such a long time!
20141228_130423Razor Clams – I think it was $12 each: Tender clams! Tasted like really really really good calamari, but with a more subtle sweet aftertaste. I really love the garlic bits (so much garlic!) and the sauce! Slurped it all up!

20141228_125919Fried Tiger Prawns in Bean Sauce: Fresh tiger prawns were very sweet, but a tad overcooked. The sweetness of the prawns paired very well with the (a tad too) salty bean sauce. I liked that it was crunchy enough to crunch on parts of the head to extract (what I call) the ‘head juice’ (or what others call ‘cholesterol’.)

Chili Crab: OK lah. This was more of a curry-type chili crab that chili crab. The sauce was good – subtle curry flavor, not too spicy, and adequately sweet. The crab was good too –  not overcooked, juicy and very moist!

Mantou: The regular small mantous – we ordered three dozens to sop up the juice!
Black Pepper Crab Tanghoon: Interesting idea! The tanghoon was a little dry for my taste, but it tasted like glass noodles cooked in seafood broth with a slight peppery aftertaste (from the crabs) I think. This crab was 800g, so a little smaller than the chili crab one. Not very peppery – I prefer the chili crab!

Ah Yat Seafood (Jurong Bird Park Branch)

Address: 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim #01-01, The Village S(629143)

Telephone: +65 6265 8218

Fax: +65 6265 8200

Hours: Every day | 11.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch), 5.30pm – 10pm (Dinner)

Price: $$$$ (more than $50 per person – we spent about $60 to $70 per person)

Overall: Good food, but very expensive for what it is.


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