Singapore Eats: Teahouse (The Asian Kitchen) @ Raffles Place (City Hall)

Sorry for the long hiatus and Happy New Year everyone! It’s another brand new year, but I’ve yet to come up with resolutions or any new plans yet. We just had our Singapore wedding celebrations on December 27 2014, and then played tour guide to my in-laws who were visiting Asia for the first time, for a week and a half after. After they left, I had about 4 days to spend with my friends and family, which was really not enough time to meet up with everyone, or to eat most of the food that I wanted to eat while I was home. 😦 Well, the brightest side of the story is that we are now officially married in the US and in Singapore, and there will be no more wedding planning in the family for at least a year (waiting for my brothers and cousins to follow with the whole wedding string!)

Anyway, one of the first places I wanted to bring my in-laws to was Chin Chin Chicken Rice/Eating House. It is one of my favorite places to go because it is delicious, centrally-located (this is important when you have close friends living in the north and west west of the island, who do not drive) and affordable. However, the day that I was to bring my brother, dad, husband and in-laws to Chin Chin, was the day the lords of the overheads decided to pour. The young-uns were all ready to brave the rain for good food, but the old ones were not that keen. Stuck at Raffles City and City Hall MRT, we just found a random place that looked half-decent and very grudgingly (for me at least) decided to eat here. The keyword that made me choose this place was ‘tea’ – but the tea was just watered down regular crappy Chinese tea.

Also, they were having a promotion on roast pork, and changed my order such that I overordered on the meats, and saying that it was saving me money. In my confusion over explaining everything to my in-laws, I just nodded and agreed to whatever they said, failing to do the math in my head beforehand. Emy fail!


Oyster Omelette – I think it was $12?: Very small portion and hardly any oysters – I think I had a grand total of 1 oyster, which probably meant that there were 5 or 6 oysters in the dish at most. Nothing special, and very very mediocre. Will not order again, especially not for $12!

Claypot Tofu – I think it was $12 too?: Tofu was soft and there were 6 piece of tofu – just nice, not enough for seconds. The sauce was very goopy and tasted of oyster sauce, not broth. The veggies – snow peas, carrots and slices of mushroom –  were still cruncy, which was a nice contrast to the tofu. My biggest complaint is that they sliced thick slices of ginger that looked like carrot (yes, they even cut it fancy!) and more than once, we thought it was veggie (maybe turnip or something) and ate it – did not taste good.

Ma Yi Pa Shu (Fried glass noodles with pork) – again, I think it’s $12: Not nice! Nothing like other ma yi pa shus I know. It is spicy and in a dark sauce that is a little sour. Nothing much in it other than little pieces of pork and some black fungus strips. No egg!? Nope.


Roast Duck (original) – $24: Quite flavorful and meaty (better be for $24 a plate!) It was also not fatty! However, the skin was not crispy. If I find myself here again, I might get it, but there are better roast ducks at hawker centers for much much less!


Roast Duck (plum sauce) – $26: The skin was crispier here, but the meat of the duck was less flavorful, not at all moist and tough. The plum sauce was very sweet and overpowered any duck flavor in the meat. We didn’t like this variation compared to the original. Will not order this again.


Roast Pork – $14: The best thing this meal, but there was so little of it! The skin was super crispy and the meat was tender and juicy. I would actually pay $14 for this – and this plate was so small that it serves only me comfortably.


Green beans in Salted Egg Sauce – also $12?: Deep fried green beans were perfectly cooked, but there was hardly any salted egg sauce covering it. Couldn’t taste the salted egg! The supposed-to-be crispy garlic bits on top detracted from the experience and competed with the green beans for the crunchy texture. My taste buds were confused and disappointed.

Teahouse: The Asian Kitchen

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-15

Telephone: +65 6336 4838

Price Range: $$$ ($20 – $30 per person)

Overall: Lackluster. Unlikely to be back.


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