Boston Eats: Formosa Taipei @ Lexington

We were house-sitting in Lexington again, and this time had a friend who was visiting with us as well. Being lazy people who didn’t want to cook in someone else’s kitchen, we scoured the Yelp listings of the area, and found Formosa Taipei. Actually, my friend found it and got excited because he used to date a Taiwanese girl and missed Taiwanese food after they went their separate ways. Well, we decided to try it, and was actually quite surprised at how good it was for what seemed like Chinese takeout! Obviously, we ordered our meal entirely out of the Taiwanese special menu instead of the regular American Chinese takeout menu. This is definitely good enough to share on this blog! Taiwanese street snacks at takeout prices!


Pork Chop Rice – $8.39: Really really crisp and sweet pork chops, just like in Taiwan! No doubt this came with a heapload of plain rice, some bok choy greens, the traditional braised meat sauce, a braised egg and some pickles to cleanse your palette. Best part here was the pork chops. I was happy with my blanched greens too – perfectly cooked, green and appetizing! The braised sauce could have had more oomph though.


Boneless Chicken Thigh Cutlet Rice – $8.39: As above, really really crisp chicken thigh meat and the usual Taiwanese smatterings of veggies, braised egg, braised pork sauce and a heap of white rice. Same complaint as above – more oomph to the braised sauce please!


Braised Pork Rice – $8.39: Disappointing! The pork was not tender, the braising sauce was not flavorful and the fat tasted fatty! Proper braised pork melts in your mouth, and is pumped with hints of star anise, fennel, cinnamon bark etc. Not this one! Won’t order this again!


Salt and Pepper Chicken (bone in) – $7.39: Good and crips! A little heavy on the white pepper, but the flavors are quite authentic! I would have loved more bites that were less boney (some bites were just deep fried bones!)


Oyster Pancake – $7.39: So good! Brought me back to Taiwan! The sauce that came with it was authentic too. Oysters were small, frozen types which I didn’t care for, but the dough/egg portion was good!

Formosa Taipei
Address: 315 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA 02421
Hours: M – F | 11am to 9.30pm
Sa, Su | 10.30am to 9pm
Price: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Would be back if I’m in the area again!


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