Singapore Eats: Derwish @ Kampong Glam

On the last night of my in-laws’ Singapore trip, we visited Kampong Glam. Kampong Glam had always been one of the places they’ve had wanted to visit because several people told them about it. As a half-local, I agree that Kampong Glam is quite charming, but wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top of a tourist’s to-do list. Despite this, I’ve got to say that eating during the prayer chants in the mosque nearby was quite a relaxing experience!

I do have to preface this post by saying that I’ve definitely had other better Turkish dining experiences on the same street (Bussorah Street) and would recommend going to Ala Turka instead of Derwish. From what I remember, the food is better, service is more attentive, and also more reasonably priced. What Derwish has that Ala Turka doesn’t, is sitting by the street and being surrounded with prayer chants for dinner.


Here’s us in our Alfresco street-side table!


The menu!


Ayran – $4: Turkish yogurt drink, just like lassi in an Indian restaurant. You can choose if you’d like it sweet or savory, and I got it sweet. Pretty good! Tastes like thick yogurt drink with a tangy aftertaste. I like it!


Eggplant Appetizer – $10: Not quite sure what this was. It was not baba ghanoush, and tasted more like a tomato salsa. I didn’t love this one because it was one texture and one taste. You’d think that with at least three different ingredients in this, that it wouldn’t taste so flat.


Lamb Chops – $23: Three small-ish pieces of lamb, but they were so so good! The lamb was tender and cooked to a perfect medium! I felt that the sauce was too thick, and would have appreciated it more if it were more like an au jus sort of drizzle. The rice was fragrant, like all Turkish pilafs! Yum!


Lamb Pide (Turkish Pizza) – $16: Also another of my favorite Turkish dishes! How can one go wrong with pizza? This one was not the best pide I’ve had on Bussorah either (go to Ala Turka!) There was not much meat, and the bread was too thick for the amount of stuffing it had. It was also not very warm when served.


Patlican Moussaka – $22: Eggplant with ground beef! One of my most favorite Turkish dishes! This one was quite good, but I’ve had better on Bussorah Street (Ala Turka!) It would have been better if they were served warmer! Also, the serving was quite small compared to others I’ve tried before. Also came with more pilaf!


Lamb Stew – $23: There’s a Turkish name to this, but I can’t remember it! If you’re there, it’s the first item on the “Turkish Specialties” page! This was pretty good too, but it was in no way a stew. The meat was cooked (grilled, I think) and a sauce was poured over it. This is not to say that it was not appetizing, it was just a mis-representation. The sauce is similar to that in the lamp chops, and it also came with rice. There were many bits of soaked bread (took us a long time to figure out what it was) soaked in the sauce too, so there were not as much meat as you see in the picture – a lot of this was soaked bread!

Derwish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant

Address: 60 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199476

Phone: +65 6298 8986

Price: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)

Overall: Probably won’t be back.


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