Singapore Eats: Dutch Colony Coffee Co. @ Frankel

My brother and his girlfriend, like most young Singaporeans who have jobs and can afford it, enjoy going cafe-hopping. A lot. My mum also enjoys this trend too, because she is young at heart, loves coffee and trying new things. I’ve got to say that I was quite out of my element in this – $8 coffees sound incredibly extravagant, and I’m always skeptical about things that aren’t from hawker centers (the longer I’m away, the more I become a heartland geek!)

Despite this, I was a little won over by the cakes at Dutch Colony – they were special and different. The coffees – I didn’t care too much for, my kopitiam style kopi gaus are what I live for, mostly because I really can’t tell the difference between the aftertastes of beans from Africa or Latin America (I dare you to a blind taste test!)



Here’s the menu!



Very hipster-ish! You choose your coffee beans?



Earl Grey Lavendar Citrus cake and Thai Milk Tea cake, and a dirty Mocha in the foreground, and a latte in the background.

Dirty Mocha – $?: Tastes like mocha, with extra grit in it. Apparently dirty mocha is mocha with added spices. What spices? Who knows? Even with my bat sense of smell, I couldn’t tell. But they were definitely ground and added to the drink because I can taste how sandy it is. It’s okay. Not my cup of… mocha.

Latte – $?: A little strong for latte, but that’s good. My mum says it’s not hot enough – a very common complaint from her, especially with lattes.



Salted Caramel Cake – no idea how much this cost: Everything that looks like icing, is in fact BUTTER. I loved the butter, other people didn’t like it so much. This is all the saving grace of this cake. Did I taste the salted caramel? No. But, I tasted butter. A lot of it. So, if you like butter like I do (which is insane!) you’ll love this. If not, you’ll scrape off the icing (texture is exactly like butter, not soft at all!) and poke at the cake, then scream at the clots forming in your veins.



Earl Grey Lavender Citrus cake – no idea how much it cost: Interesting idea. The cake was a little dry and my tastebuds were so confused. Earl Grey + Lavender = okay. Earl Grey + Citrus = okay. Citrus + Lavender = okay. ALL THREE together? I really didn’t know what to taste. When I think of Earl Grey, I taste it. When I think of lavender, I smell it. When I think of citrus, I smell it (not taste) it, and because of that I’m so confused! Is it good – I guess?

Thai Milk Tea cake – again, no idea how much it costs: Good. Tastes like milk tea in a sponge cake. The sauce on top was great too – kept the cake from being too dry. It was the favorite cake for the table as well!

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Address: 113 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458230

Tel: +65-6448-5852.

Hours: Su-Th | 8am-8pm
F, Sa | 8am-10pm

Overall: Not bad!



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