Boston Eats: Ohlin’s Bakery @ Belmont


During diagnostic grading sessions, the department usually gets a huge box of these lovelies every morning for us graders to snack on. These are so good, and one of the best donuts I’ve ever had. I love love love the coconut crunch ones, caramel ones and the regular glazed donuts. Sometimes, they have cake donuts, which everyone loves, but are not my favorite because they tend to be more dense. I like that these donuts are always light, and don’t make me feel too fat after eating them – which is not always a good thing because there are day where I eat three donuts a day!

$10.50 for a dozen donuts. Some people think it’s expensive (the prices do increase pretty rapidly), but I think it is still worth it for good donuts!

*updated* 6/16/15



Lemon Meringue donut–a International Donut Day 2015 special!



Our International Donut Day 2015 loot!





More donuts!

Ohlin’s Bakery
Address: 456 Common St, Belmont, MA 02478
Telephone: 617-484-0274
Hours: Every Day | 6am – 6pm
Price Range: $ ($0 – $10 per person)


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