Boston Eats: The Shawarma Place @ Davis Square

We often haunt David Square because we have friends who live in close proximity to that area. The Shawarma Place is a little gem we found slightly outside of the main square worth mentioning. Despite being a little walk away, it can sometimes be quite crowded. With minimal seating, it might be best to order to-go rather than eat there.

They serve sandwiches and plates, shawarma and kabobs – pretty simple menu. The meats come in chicken, lamb and beef, and we hear that their falafels are good too!


Meat Plate – $11.95: J and I got a meat combo to share. In it were chicken, lamb and beef shawarma (they don’t skimp), kafta (meatballs) and chicken kabobs with rice pilaf, salad and pita bread. Despite not being able to differentiate between everything because everything was piled up in the styrofoam box, everything was delicious and the meats had little crunchy burnt bits (the best parts!) on them! The rice was good too! Good stuff and pretty reasonably priced. The meat combo plate fed us both with no leftovers, so that’s $12 bucks well spent!

The Shawarma Place
Address: 201 Elm St, Somerville MA 02144
Phone: (617) 666-9000
Hours: daily | 11am – 10pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Decent!


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