Boston Eats: Los Amigos @ Newtonville

We found Los Amigos completely by accident one day after having a rehearsal at a nearby church. I was starving, and we saw a taqueria and stopped. Who doesn’t do that right? I love love love tacos! We stepped in, and it’s like we walked into an avocado or something – everything was green, in a somewhat pleasant way. To the front, there was a cashier (well, she wasn’t there, but the cash register – a swanky iPad – was) and to the left was this huge chalkboard that was the menu. Yes, call me hipster, but I love my chalkboard menus!


As you can see, they have the traditional carnitas and carne asada, but they also have fun stuff on the right like surf and turn and coconut shrimp burritos. Yes – coconut shrimp! Also, they would make any burrito a quesadilla, but it really is a toasted burrito and not a real quesadilla because they just toast the tortilla with cheese and wrap it up like a regular burrito! [Yes, just like Anna’s Taqueria!]

Before we get to the food, allow me to just add that service here sucks balls. The person taking our orders gave us the death stare, and made me feel uncomfortable even eating there. It was as if we owed them money or a child, or something. Would visit here more if the service wasn’t this shitty – seriously, why would you make good food then have shitty service?


Coconut Shrimp Quesadilla – $7.25 (10″)/$8.25 (12″) – Freshly fried coconut shrimp with Spanish rice, black beans, salsa fresca and baja creme. Quite good! The shrimp were delicious – succulent, crunchy and so so good! Unfortunately, there were only three or four pieces of shrimp in the quesadilla, which was not enough to warrant it being called a shrimp quesadilla! Everything else was good!

Los Amigos
Address: 324 Walnut St Newton, MA 02460
Hours: M-Sa | 11am – 9.30pm
Su | 11am – 9pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Decent food. Service sucks.


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