Singapore Eats: Ah Chew Desserts 阿秋甜品 @ Bugis

Remember when I said that I was at Bugis four times for the first three days I was in Singapore? Well, one of those many times, the girls and I were at Ah Chew’s having dessert after our meal at Ma Maison (in Bugis Junction.) [If you were wondering what happened to the Ma Maison blogpost, it was too dark, the pictures were awful, and the food was on the verge of poor and mediocre and was way overpriced.] Sorry if the pictures here are not the best – it was dark and we were sitting outside, so the pictures are a little grainy.

achew sesame and almond paste

黑白 (Hei Bai) – $2.40 (S)/$3 (L): Hei Bai is a classic warm dessert and one of my favorites! It is made with half a bowl of white almond paste and half a bowl of black sesame paste. I love how the sesame paste and almond paste here at Ah Chew are so smooth. I also take great fun in making swirls in my Hei Bai!

achew sesame and peanut paste

Black Sesame and Peanut Paste – $2.40 (S)/$3 (L): Tried this for a change too. The peanut paste was not as smooth as the almond paste, but it was good too. Reminded me a little of peanut butter, but it was warm and different. I personally prefer Hei Bai to the peanut paste substitution – I feel that the combination of peanut and sesame was more intense than the almond and sesame combination, and I prefer the latter.

achew steamed milk and eggs w ginger


Fresh Steamed Egg (Hot) – $3: This is the Asian version of custard. It is sweet, and very smooth. It reminds me a little of tau huay or 豆腐花 (bean curd), but with a distinct eggy flavor, which I love! Just imagine the creamiest and most custardy flan you can imagine and you have this dessert! I love it!

achew water chestnut and egg


Water Chestnut with Egg (Cold) – $2.80: One of my favorite desserts growing up! The goopy soup (due to the egg drops) and the crunch from the water chestnut bits has such a great textural contrast that it makes something so strange work perfectly together. Love it! So refreshing!

Ah Chew Desserts

Address: #01-10/11, Liang Seah Place,
1 Liang Seah Street

Tel: (+65) 63398198

Hours: M-Th | 12.30pm – 11.30pm
Fr | 12.30pm – 12.30am
Sa | 1.30pm – 12.30am
Su | 12.30pm – 11.30pm

Price Range: $ ($0-$10 per person)

Overall: Will go back!


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