Boston Eats: Lee’s Burger Place @ Newton Center

We were passing by Newton Center one day after work, and decided to hop into Lee’s Burger Place since it was so highly rated on Yelp (ah yes, my good friend Yelp.) It was a cold winter day, and when we got there, the place was packed and the line was out the door. This burger better be worth it. When we finally walked in, we were surprised because everyone working there was Asian. An Asian burger joint? I was skeptical. Asians and regular American burgers? Really? (Yeah, as an Asian person, I judge other Asians too easily.

Burgers are $4.99, $5.50 (with cheese) and $6.50 (bacon and cheese.) You can also get it with fries for $6.75, $7.25 and $8.50. (Yeah, the price structure puzzles me too! Why isn’t a bacon cheeseburger with fries not $8.25?) Also, it’s not just a burger joint. They do subs and salads too, so there’s plenty for everyone.


So, here’s my cheeseburger. It was very good. They make their burgers with fresh sirloin beef, and it tastes light and fresh. We also got a side of fries ($2.75/$3.75) and sweet potato fries ($3.75/$4.75) which were really good and crisp. However, the biggest winner of this place is it’s  house special sauce – I can’t figure out what it is, but my guess would be mayo, ketchup and sriracha sauce in some sort of combination.

Lee’s Burger Place
Address: 216 Sumner Street Newton, MA 02459
Tel: 617-795-2022
Hours: M-Su | 11am – 9pm
Price Range: $ (up to $10 per person)
Overall: I’ll be back if I’m in the area!


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