Boston Eats: Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant and Music Bar @ Davis Square

It’s my birthday! But this post is not about my birthday, unfortunately… For my FiL’s birthday, we all went to Johnny D’s for brunch! As a brunch junkie – I love brunch – this was just the perfect way to start Sunday. Food and jazz!When we got there at about 11, the place was pretty packed (Sunday morning) and had to wait for about 15 minutes. While waiting, one could sit at the bar and get drinks, or just hang around on some of the bar stools and enjoy the live jazz. They had these little drink umbrella things which I got really excited about because I haven’t seen those in ages. I was really glad that my drink came with a drink umbrella!


Fruit Yogurt Smoothie (forgot the name) – approx. $3: There was pineapple and strawberry in this smoothie, but it was not sweet at all. I really wanted to like it, but it was very tangy (I know yogurts are tangy, but this was not it) and almost fizzy. The yogurt also had a bitter aftertaste (again, I know some yogurts have that, but this was not it.) I didn’t really like this smoothie, unfortunately.


Oatmeal (came with J’s French Toast and Omelet) – This oatmeal was very yummy! It came unsweetened and they brought brown sugar to the table for you to ‘season’ your oatmeal to your liking. I really liked the texture of this oatmeal because it is cooked on the stove and not from instant packets that we are used to (don’t judge; mornings are hard for everyone.) The addition of raisins not only added to the texture with it’s little bursts of fruity sweetness, but there was a little bit of tartness from the raisins that helped elevate this course. Yum! [Instead of oatmeal, one could also get grits, with or without cheese.]


Sweet Cheese Blintzes – $10.99: Blintzes are a thin pancake that comes either stuffed or topped with sweet or savory toppings. These blintzes were stuffed with sweet farmer’s cheese, but elsewhere, one could find blintzes topped with lox and poached eggs too. The pancakes were more crepe-like, and were soft. I really liked my blintzes. They seem to be swimming in a sea of strawberry sauce (not syrup!) but the were not too sweet. The sour cream also added to the richness of the blintzes. In addition, the blintzes came with really crisp home fries and toast. I liked the crispness of the homefries, but they lacked any flavor other than salt. I would have appreciated some rosemary or some other herb. No, one did not get a choice of toast.


French Toast and Omelet – $12.50: French toast was fully eggy, but not not soggy. It was a good texture that was fluffy, yet firm enough to be held up on it’s own. They did serve table syrup, but  maple syrup costs $2 more.


The rest of J’s meal came too. The usual home fries and toast, but in addition, there was a fluffy cheese omelet as well. I’m not a fan of omelets, much less cheese omelets, but this one didn’t bother me. I actually liked the texture of this omelet – not tough, but fluffy!


Here are the jazz musicians at work. The ceiling was low enough that the bassist couldn’t actually stand upright. Music was good – not your standard jazz, but worked well as background music.


My one and only nephew – Gabriel!

Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant and Music Club

Address: 17 Holland St
Somerville, MA 02144

Telephone: (617) 776-2004

Hours: M-F | 4.30pm – 1am
Sa, Su | 8.30am – 1am

Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)

Overall: A-okay!


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