New York Eats: Xian Famous Foods @ Midtown West

We hopped to NYC for a weekend trip! It was completely unplanned, and we were lucky to have friends who live in the big apple who very generously took us in for the night, recommended this place to us and took us there! Thank you D & S for your hospitality!

Anyway, as people know, J and I are suckers for Sichuan-type foods. I don’t think this qualifies as Sichuan food at all, but it does share several qualities with Sichuan food – mainly spice! Xian foods are very spicy, and also uses a lot of spices – cumin, being one big one. (Did I forget to mention that J loves cumin too?) So, naturally, this one hit the right spot for us. Unfortunately, the lines are super long – we waited for about 40 minutes, but they do move rather quickly. Also, if you were hoping to eat inside, well, I hate to break it to you that the space was so tiny that we did not fit in there at all – no room for three! Thankfully, there was a park nearby, and so we walked there and ate in the open. It was nice being in the sun, and in the high 40s!

One thing to note as you order – you can see your food being prepared! The noodles are handmade in the store and hand torn in front of you. I found that aspect fascinating!


The line goes out the door!


Here, you can see someone making those burgers! Too bad we weren’t hungry enough to order them as well. Next time!


The menu! There were quite a few items. Be prepared to know what you want almost instantly. We went with the most popular dish – cumin lamb noodles, and another dish that I randomly pointed out – the pork noodles. Both were good, but the lamb with cumin had a much stronger flavor, which eventually outed the more muted flavors of the pork dish.


Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand-ripped Noodles – $8: Noodles were delicious! They were soft and had a little bite to it! The sauce was a little spicy, and quite cumin-y, which we very much enjoyed. The noodles come with a lot of different veggies – cabbage, onions, green onions? And they added to the general flavor and texture of the dish. Love it! Can’t wait to be back!


Mount Qi Pork Hand-ripped Noodles – $7: The pork had a more muted flavor. It was still spicy, but it was not cumin-y. It mildly reminded me of five-spice flavors, but the spices were so mild, and so overpowered by my bite from the cumin lamb, that I could’nt exactly tell for sure. It was still good, but I prefer the lamb noodles for more kick!


Here’s the interior of the space! It’s tiny!

Xian Famous Foods

Address: 24 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

Telephone: (212) 786-2068

Hours: M-F | 11am – 9pm
Sa – Su | 11am – 8pm

Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)

Overall: Can’t wait to be back!


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