Boston Eats: Rod Dee Thai 2 @ Fenway

This is another in a series of lunch/dinners from my time at SICPP (Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice) held at the New England Conservatory. I was there for a whole week, which allowed me a lot of time to taste and sample some of the favorite food options in that area! Other posts in this series: Pho & I, Lucy Ethiopian CafeBoston Shawarma, Ginger Exchange and Symphony Sushi!

Actually, Rod Dee Thai 2 was nowhere near Symphony, but I had a longer lunch break than usual, and wanted some alone time (rather than going to a nearby restaurant and bumping into people!) I walked along the Fens all the way to Rod Dee Thai, and had a very relaxing lunch there. Some time later, I brought J to Rod Dee Thai just before the ‘Walk For Music’ event, which was held at the Fens!


 Counter where you can place your orders, or stand around figuring what you’d like. Again, I love blackboard menus!


Thai Spring Rolls (4ps) – $5.15: Not sure what is Thai about this other than the Thai sweet chili. To me, it tastes like regular spring rolls stuffed with cabbages and carrots and other veggie things. What was great about this was that each bite was crunchy, and it stayed crunchy all through my meal! It was light, and the slight sourness from the sweet chili helped keep my palate refreshed after this appetizer.


Pad See You (Pork) – $8.35: Yummy yummy yummy! This reminded me of the pad kee mao, but was less spicy, and in general, more palatable to me. I like the sweet aroma of the see you (soy sauce), and the crunch of the kailan stems. The pork slices were marinated well, and were smooth and velvety, as one would expect. Definitely coming back for more of this!


Crispy Pad Thai (Chicken and Shrimp) – $9.35: Yes, we know that crispy Pad Thai is not a real Thai thing, but it was too interesting to pass up. This came with deep fried yellow yee min noodles that were seasoned like Pad Thai. It was actually very very good, although a little on the sweeter side. This came with two shrimp that were properly de-veined and were fresh! Chicken was tender too. The beansprouts were a good addition that took away from the overall sweetness of this dish. Yummy!


Pad Kee Mao (Pork) – $8.35: This pad kee mao (usually known as drunken noodles, or basil noodles) were spicy! I know it said so on the menu, but I didn’t expect Thai-spicy in the US! Thankfully there was free-flow of self-serve tap water, and I happy gulped down lots to finish this dish. I love the flavors, but my tongue was a little scorched after. All worth it though! If I order this again, I’ll be sure to mention for them to tone down on the spicy-ness a little.

Rod Dee Thai 2
Address: 94 Peterborough Street
Boston, MA. 02215
Telephone: (617) 859-0969, (617) 859-3694
Hours: M-Sa | 11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Su | 12nn – 10.30pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Good!


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