Boston Eats: Boston Shawarma @ Symphony

This is another in a series of lunch/dinners from my time at SICPP (Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice) held at the New England Conservatory. I was there for a whole week, which allowed me a lot of time to taste and sample some of the favorite food options in that area! Other posts in this series: Pho & I, Lucy Ethiopian CafeRod Dee Thai 2, Ginger Exchange and Symphony Sushi!

This place is pretty much down the road from NEC. I had always been afraid of going in because the entrance was not very welcoming. The interiors weren’t either, unfortunately. I didn’t feel good enough to eat in there alone, so I ordered it to go and sat on a bench in one of Northeastern’s parks and had a peaceful dinner watching people around me. The second time I went to Boston Shawarma, it was to ease a midnight hunger pang with J – I had just auditioned (successfully!) for the New England Philharmonic at Symphony Hall, and we were in need of a snack. That time, with J with me, and more people in the cafe, I felt better about eating in there. I wish this place was a little more welcoming, because the food is great!


Shawarma Dinner Plate – $9.99: Came with shawarma, rice, hummus and a side salad! This was a good portion of food and I could not finish it. I loved the rice and shawarma – shawarma was so flavorful and the rice reminded me of Turkish pilaf, which I love! I liked that they had onions for a contrasting texture and that the tahini brought out the sharper spice flavors of the shawarma more!


Mmm… shawarma and grilled onions doused with tahini. Yums!


Baklava – $2: They have many different choices for baklava. I just pointed to the closest one! The pastry was flaky on top, and on the bottom, it was sufficiently soaked with sugar syrup. Yum! The nuts could have been more roasted and flavorful, but the flaky filo on top more than made up for it. I have a soft spot for baklava!

Boston Shawarma

Address: 315 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Telephone: (617) 670-0460

Hours: M-Su | 11am – 11pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)

Overall: Okay. Might be back if I’m in the area, but won’t come back specially for it!



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