Boston Eats: Ginger Exchange @ Symphony

This is another in a series of lunch/dinners from my time at SICPP (Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice) held at the New England Conservatory. I was there for a whole week, which allowed me a lot of time to taste and sample some of the favorite food options in that area! Other posts in this series: Pho & I, Lucy Ethiopian CafeRod Dee Thai 2, Boston Shawarma and Symphony Sushi!

When I visited Ginger Exchange, it was opening week, everything was brand new, and some things weren’t completely up and running yet. Service was very attentive, but that could have also been because we were one of five people not working there. Otherwise, this is a fun spot to be at. The food is decent, and it is close to NEC. Yay!


View from the bar area!


Korean Hot Stone Bibimbap (spicy pork) – $12.95:  Added an egg for $1, and this came with some kimchi and gochujang. The pork was plenty marinated – it was a tad too flavorful for my liking, and was mostly covered in gochujang – too marinated for my taste. I did not add more gochujang to my bibimbap. Other than that, I felt that the pork needed more grilled flavors. The addition of spinach was a good choice too, but I would have appreciated more veggies for added texture.


3-Roll Lunch special – $12.95: Unagi roll (+$1), salmon/avocado/cucumber roll and spicy tuna roll! This also came with a side salad. Everything was good! I love the salmon/avo/cucumber roll the most – best mix of textures there, for sure. The unagi roll had a punch of flavor from the unagi and unagi sauce, but it needed some creaminess (avocado, maybe?) The spicy salmon was okay, probably my least favorite of all.


Another day, I went to Ginger Exchange for lunch again, rather than ordering takeout.


Salad – came with lunch special: Where is the ginger dressing and what is this white stuff? I couldn’t figure out what this white stuff is, other than sweetened and diluted mayonnaise? I want my ginger dressing! IMG_2477

3-Roll Lunch special – $12.95: salmon/avocado/cucumber roll, salmon/avocado roll and spicy salmon roll! Decided to go for an all-salmon treat. My favorite was still the salmon avo/cucumber. The salmon/avo was fine, but the added cucumber crunch was slightly missed. Spicy salmon tasted like spicy tuna – couldn’t really tell the difference. I wish the cuts of salmon were more consistent. Some were fatty others were very lean.

Ginger Exchange @ Symphony
Address: 250 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 867-9999
Hours: M-Th | 11.30am – 11pm
F-Sa | 11.30am – 12pm
Su | 12nn – 11pm
Price: $$ for lunch ($10 to $20 per person) / $$$ for dinner ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: I’ll be back if I’m in the area!


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