Boston Eats: Lucy Ethiopian Cafe @ Symphony

This is another in a series of lunch/dinners from my time at SICPP (Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice) held at the New England Conservatory. I was there for a whole week, which allowed me a lot of time to taste and sample some of the favorite food options in that area! Other posts in this series: Pho & IBoston Shawarma, Ginger Exchange and Symphony Sushi!


Here’s a snapshot of the menu. It’s super blurred because of the low lighting, but it gives you an example how much drinks and snack stuff go for. I love the peanut tea!


The place was decorated in a quasi-modern, quasi-Ethiopian/African (red/yellow/green/tribal) aesthetic, which was quite a clash, but pretty cool. I am a sucker for chalkboard menus!


Here, you can see the opposite wall, which is full of splashes of bright colors! I love bright colors. You can also see that there isn’t much seating here, so you either wait, or come at off-peak hours.


Peanut Tea – $3.75: One of my favorite teas ever! I still keep thinking about ‘that peanut tea at Lucy’s!’ This tea is like a thick milk-tea with a strong peanut flavor. If I were to describe it, I would probably call it chunky peanut butter tea blend. It is delicious! I would kill to have this every day!


Gomen Besga – $10.99: Here is the description of the dish – collard greens, beef, simmered in mild sauce seasoned with spice and herbs, with a side of miser wot. Miser wot is the masala looking thing to the left – it is really a red lentil stew of sort. Next to that, in the middle, is injera – the Ethiopian bread! They are rolled into cute little rolls and you eat everything with injera! Injera is your fork! To the right, is the beef with collard greens. TBH, there wasn’t much beef in there, which was quite a disappointment, but at least it tasted good. There was a cinnamon-y aftertaste to this, which I was not expecting at all, but was interesting to say the least.


Ethiopian Buna Be-Jebena – $6.50: Here’s the description – ethiopian coffee in a traditional pot and coffee is served in small cups called ‘cini’. The coffee was strong! I liked the spices that was burning next to the coffee pot. It made me ‘feel’ that the coffee was more flavored somehow. It was a cool experience!

Lucy Ethiopian Cafe
Address: 334 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115
Telephone: (617) 536-0415
Hours: M-F | 11am – 9pm
Sa | 10.30am – 9.30pm
Su | 10.30am – 9pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Good! Will be back if I’m in the area! Peanut tea is amazing!


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