Boston Eats: No. 1 Noodle House @ Newton

Following my post about the delicious curry YTF at the National University of Singapore (NUS for short), I thought that it would be fitting to review a similar (well, as similar as it can get given the circumstances) join here in Boston. No.1 Noodle House came on my radar from when I was teaching a few students in the rather affluent neighborhood of Newton. Actually, it’s not a neighborhood per se, it is a city, but one that is affluent compared to many others.

Anyhow, J and I decided to drop by one day because I scouted the menu, and saw that they had laksa! Thus, the connection is born – curry YTF’s curry broth is actually laksa broth! *ding!* Laksa? I have not had laksa in 4 years, since I moved to Baltimore, then moved to Boston. I remember what it tastes like; the tiniest bit of nyonya-ness in me would never let me forget the shrimpy umami that is dried shrimp and coconut milk. Yum! So, we decided to head to No.1 Noodle House in Newton Center. Parking was not easy, so be aware of that if you’re heading there. It is rather near the T stop, so taking the T might have been a better idea.


Mango Ice Slush – $3.50: Very sweet and tasted like artificial mango flavorings. I did not like it as much, but J really enjoyed it because he is a sucker for anything that tastes like mango, but without the fibers.20140208_144436 Seafood Laksa – $7.90: The broth is nothing like Katong laksa’s but tastes like neighborhood kopitiam laksas I know. For Boston, this is a clear winner! I have tasted lots of laksas in the area, and this is the closest I got to the Nyonya laksa that it actually tastes like Nyonya laksa, with the shrimpy undertones and coconut milk aroma. You can find the Malaysian assam laksa more easily, and a good one can be found at Tree Top Thai Cuisine. Despite resembling Nyonya laksa, I have never had laksa with shrimp, scallops, sotong (squid), fishballs, and crabstick all in one. Is it what we can find in Singapore? No, but do I mind the extra ingredients? No. For the price, I think it’s not bad. Not the best thing in this world, but it can be, if you haven’t had laksa in months.


Fried Wonton – $5.85: Eight pieces of fried wonton. Nothing very special. It is crispy and there isn’t much meat in it. If you know what the fried wontons at Pontien wanton mee is like, this is it, but two or three time as expensive.


Green Curry Chicken – $7.90: A very mild green curry with some Chinese influences. The chicken is breast meat, which is not my favorite part of the chicken, but is more popular for the American tastebuds. Also, the choice of veggies accompanying the curry is interesting as well – green beans, egg plant, bamboo shoots and baby corn? Yeah, you can definitely tell that it is not made by the Thais. Does it taste good? It is fine for take-out Chinese-influenced ‘Thai’ food. Would I order this again? Probably not. (Also, I didn’t order it; J did.)


No.1 Noodle House
Address: 51 Langly Road, Newton Center MA 02459
Telephone: (617) 527-8810
Hours: Su – W | 11am – 9.30pm
Th – Sa | 11am – 10pm


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