Netherlands Eats: Tastoe Eten & Drinken @ Utrecht

This post is part of a series of posts from my Netherland’s trip, where I was in Apeldoorn for a performance of my work. On that trip, I also visited Amsterdam (for the third time!), stayed with my friend Patrick in The Hague for a few days, visited Utrecht with YCM14 friends and all-round merry-making in the Netherlands.

For YCM14, we all had one day off ‘work’ and most of the YCM14 participants decided to explore Utrecht, since we had already explored Amsterdam on our own, and Utrecht was much closer (thus cheaper) to Apeldoorn. It was a very lazy day with people getting up late (we left at 11am instead of 10am!), missing the train we wanted to be on, missing proper lunch hours, and then missing out on museums, because they were closing by the time we were ready to explore. Ha! Despite this, we managed to spend a fair amount of the day just chatting at cute little cafes like Tastoe, and getting to know each other, so time was well spent in Utrecht.

Read other posts in this series here: Winkel Van Sinkel (Utrecht), Manneken Pis (Amsterdam), Full Moon Dimsum and Hotpot (Den Hague)


Here, you can see what Utrecht looks like at dusk. It’s very serene, and pretty. It resembles Amsterdam, but less commercial, loud, rowdy and crazy. We found a cute little cafe called Tastoe and all piled in. We were extremely lucky as all the smaller tables were occupied, leaving the central large table for us. It was a perfect fit for 7 or 8!


Lemon Thyme Tea – 3 euros (guesstimate!): I ordered the lemon thyme tea. I had never had lemon thyme tea before, and it was very good. It was exactly what you expected lemon thyme tea to be – lemon thyme flavored water! I had never thought of thyme as a tea herb before, so I was very very fascinated by this. Probably more so than I should have been. It came with a very delicious biscuit (yes, people call it a biscuit there!) like a tea biscuit. I had multiple of those because some of my friends didn’t want them. It was sweet, a little almond-y, and was a nice textural and sweet contrast to the very aromatic tea.


Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream – 3/4 euros (guesstimate!): Hot chocolate was a classic. I especially enjoyed the frothy upper layer of the hot chocolate. It was good – not very special, but very comforting on a cooler day, since it was winter. Also, yes, we stayed long enough that we needed two drinks!


Caramel Cheesecake – 4/5 Euros (guesstimate since I forgot!): Caramel cheesecake was a shared item among some of us. It was so good! The cheese layer was so light and smooth, and the crumb layer was also very easy to cut through. You know those cheesecakes with crumb layers that are like cement? Eww. Hate those! This was one fantastic. Also, despite the name, the caramel was just poured on top and the cheesecake did not have the flavor of caramel in it. I liked it that way because we could fully enjoy the mild cheese flavor of the cake. It was a good cake.


Here was the entrance to the cafe. They serve beer too (it’s Europe, and cafes do serve beer.) But what I found intriguing was placing the horns above the door. I was almost afraid that the horn would play each time someone walks in.


I liked the table decor. I thought it was cute, even though I had no idea what that meant.

Tastoe Eten & Drinken

Address: Zadelstraat 20
3511 LV Utrecht

Telephone: 030 232 15 73

Hours: T-W | 8am – 6pm
Th, Fr | 8am – 1am
Sa | 9am – 1am
Su | 10am – 6pm


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