Boston Eats: Hi Rise Bread Company @ Porter Square

Headed to Hi Rise for lunch after work, since I was also meeting a friend there for coffee in less than an hour. I’ve noticed Hi Rise before, since it is next to one of our usual post-concert haunts, The Cambridge Common (it’s a bar, not a park!)

Hi Rise has a ultra chic feel to it. I don’t know if it’s the wallpapers, the throngs of Harvard Law students that just sit there all day at these little desks reading their case studies, or the squished European cafe vibe, but it feels different and refreshing. I probably would describe it as academic chic, if there’s such a thing. I felt out of place there just sitting and eating, so I got my notebook out and brainstormed on ideas for my dissertation. Strangely, that brainstorming while eating session was quite productive (must be the smart people around me sending me good vibes.)


#55 Wendy’s Sexy Sub – $9.25: I ordered this because they got me at pate, and it was one of two sandwiches that were below $10. [Ow! Those are very expensive sandwiches you have there!] And pickled carrots and cucumbers. It read exactly like a bahn mi: pork and veal pate, ham, pickled carrots and cucumbers, radish, cilantro, smoked serrano mayo on ciabatta.  Strangely, my sandwich was NOTHING like the description. Firstly, I didn’t know where the pate was *sad trombone sound*. There was some sort of strange speckled cured meat on it, which I guess was the pate, since the other meat (the ham) looked more normal.

Whatever it was, the sandwich tasted pretty meh. The bread was not very toasted, and very quickly because tough to bite into. The fillings were sliding all around when eating, so it was hard to not make a mess. The pate or ham (who knows which is which) was very fatty, and I ate something that tasted like raw bacon and the uncooked fat of the bacon. It was not very appealing. The sandwich was also very very small, so it was definitely not worth $9.25!


Here’s a cross-section of the sammich. You can see how much fat there is! For $9.75 (the cheapest sandwich in store!) I would have expected more – a side of fries, a bag of chips, a little side of coleslaw? SOMETHING more than just a very mediocre and very small sandwich. I am disappoint.

Hi Rise Bread Company
Address:  1663 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
Hours: M-F | 8am – 8pm
Sa-Su | 8am – 6pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Not worth the buck at all!


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