Boston Eats: Village Cafe @ Newton

We’ve been consistently on the roll of Saturday/Sunday brunches now! It’s the one event I look forward to at the end of the crazy work week! Village Cafe is in Newton, and was highly rated on Yelp. Since it’s the closest brunch place to us on our list, we decided to be lazy and head to Village to check it out!


The menu! It was clean and easy to read. It’s a very run-of-the-mill menu and there was not much to it. The most interesting thing is probably the Pick Em’s, where you can make your plate by picking two, three or four items in menu.


We were seated on a high top table. The table was rather cluttered, with all sorts of different fixin’s on it — ‘maple syrup’, jelly, sugar, hot sauce, salt, pepper and other what-have-yous.


Hot Chocolate – $2: These were Swiss Miss packets (I saw them make it) topped with a copious amount of whipped cream. It looked expensive, and tasted like Swiss Miss!


Pick Em’s (choose 2 – $7.49, choose 3 – $9.49, choose 4 – $11.49): We picked eggs (two, scrambled), homefries, pork sausages and a short stack of pancakes! Unfortunately, the eggs really fell flat. Yes, we ordered scrambled eggs and should know better not to, but we did anyway and realized that these eggs were made from egg beaters! That is just absolutely disgusting! The sausages were good and reminded us of In A Pickle‘s pork sausages, which we love! The potatoes were not good either. There was no crispy bits on both sides, and it had a weird fake buttery aftertaste to it. Did not love!


Here’s our short stack of pancakes. They were heavier pancakes than we usually make at home, and also tasted like they were made from a box. Sigh!


Nutella & Banana Stuffed French Toast – $7.99: These were made with challah bread and were thick, moist, soft and so sweet! There was a generous spread of nutella and some bits of banana. I wished there were more banana to balance out the flavors with the nutella though. Despite this, this was definitely the highlight of the meal (even though it was not hard to do!)


Here’s our meal! We shared both of these and still had lots of leftovers!


Here’s the view of the bar from where we were. Guy was smiling weirdly for us!

Village Cafe
Address: 719 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458, United States
Phone: +1 617-795-5200
Hours: Sa – T | 7am – 3pm
W – Fr | 7am – 10pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $2o per person)
Overall: Meh-


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