Boston Eats: Tree Top Thai @ Waltham

We are extremely lucky to be living about three blocks away from one of the best Thai restaurants in the greater Boston area. I’ve been here more than a dozen times since we moved to the area, and have pretty much tried everything on the menu. It’s solid food at fair prices, and I really enjoy bringing guests here because the atmosphere is not too rowdy and is great for conversation!

tree top (2)

Assam Laksa – $8.95: Not technically Thai, but this dish really hits close to heart because it is a Peranakan dish. The broth is a seafood broth with tamarind juice, and is a tangy, sweet and spicy soup. I wish there were more meats and protein in this dish because I felt that I was soon just eating rice noodles and broth. The squid was a little overcooked as well.

tree top (1)

Crazy Noodles – $9.95: Crazy noodles here is what some people call ‘drunken noodles’ or Pad Kee Mao at other places. It is thick rice noodles stirfried with chicken and shrimp in a spicy basil sauce. This can be rather spicy at times, so I would recommend letting your server know how much spice you can handle when ordering. This noodles has a slightly sweet and very fragrant aftertaste. It is one of my favorite dishes here at Tree Top!


 Crispy Soft Shell Crab – $8.95: Half a soft shell crab, deep fried and doused in Thai sweet and spicy chili sauce. This would have been an awesome dish had there been twice or three times the amount of crab (happy to pay more!) because I had a ton of rice and lettuce left on my plate after two bites of crab! The proportions were a little skewed, but it is still a rather delicious dish!


Boat Trip Noodle Soup – $7.95: This tastes like pho to me! The broth is rather light, but laden with MSG because I was really really thirsty after having it. It was also served lukewarm rather than hot, and I would have preferred my soup very hot than just warm. Otherwise, the taste is fine. It is not my favorite dish because I find it difficult to detach eating this from eating pho.

Tree Top Thai
Address: 53 Prospect St, Waltham, MA 02453
Telephone: +1 781-894-3444
Hours: M-Th | 11.30am – 9.30pm
F | 11.30am – 10.30pm
Sa | 12pm – 10pm
Su | 4pm – 9pm
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person; for lunch)
Overall: Good!


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