Boston Eats: River Gods @ Central Square

Somewhere somehow, I saw that River Gods made the Thrillist for 5 Best Sandwiches in Boston and got really excited. I ride the bus route that passes by River Gods all the time but have never once stepped in because of the rather run-down exterior, and strange opening hours (the don’t open for lunch!?) Also, when I’m in and around the Central Square area, I’m usually headed somewhere else, or to Alive and Kicking Lobsters (really can’t help it!)

So, when my friend Wasin (a really good photographer) came to visit (actually, he came to shoot a wedding), I decided to bring him to River Gods for some of that steak tip sandwich! It was also because he was arriving late, and the 3pm lunch time worked perfectly for us. It also meant that we were the only ones there for all but 5 minutes, and it was not as rowdy or loud as it can get in the evenings.

Camera 360

Here’s Wasin and his sandwich!

Camera 360

This is the interior of River Gods. I like it. Eclectic works for me!

Camera 360

Steak Tip Sandwich $14: Yes, you get to choose how your steak is cooked (thank goodness!) It was delicious! The buns were buttered and toasted, the steak was cooked perfectly, and that dollop of boursin on top just brought this sandwich home! The garlic fries were delicious too! They will ask you if you want garlic aioli with your meal, and the answer is yes, even though it costs more.

Camera 360

Here’s another look at the sandwich. It’s not huge, and for the price, it was okay. I’d go back for more!

River Gods
Address: 125 River St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 576-1881
Hours: M | 3pm – 12am
T-Sa | 3pm – 1am
Su | 3pm – 11pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Will be back for more!


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