New York Eats: The Kati Roll Company @ Midtown West

J and I were in New York again, and were just walking around, wandering the streets, and checking Yelp to see if there’s anything fun, new and inexpensive for us to munch on. The Kati Roll Company happened to just be a few blocks away, and also seemed like an interesting, fun new take on roti-burritos [how else do I describe this, right?] So, for all of you who are confused as to what The Kati Roll Company sells, it basically has Indian-inspired ‘burrito’ stuffings, rolled with roti prata (egg or kosong [no egg]).


From the outside…


This is what it looks like inside. It’s tiny!!


Menu! Lots of choices!


Unda Chicken Roll – $6: Chicken tikka with egg prata, basically. This was delicious. I wanted a lot more of it, and for $6, it was miserable. I could have eaten it in TWO BITES, and that is not okay at all. Yes, sell the idea, but for $6, I expected to be at least a little filled. Not in the very least.

Beef Tikka Roll – $5.50: Delicious beef with a kosong prata. Again, it was really good, but it was just tiny. There were only two slices of beef in the roll, and it was filled with more veggies. I prefer the chicken tikka filling to the beef, unfortunately.


 Innards of the Unda Chicken Roll


Mango Lassi – $4.00: This was probably the best thing we had that day. The mango lassi was thick, smooth and not too sweet. Pricey, yes.

The Kati Roll Company

Address: 49 W 39th St
New York, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 730-4280

Hours: M-Th | 11am – 11pm
Fr | 11am – 5am
Sa | 12pm – 5am
Su | 12pm – 9pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)

Overall: Expensive for what it is. Probably won’t be back.


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