Boston Eats: Armenian Market and Bakery @ Watertown

There is this teeny little Armenian Market tucked away to the side, right next to Target, that we’ve always passed, but never went in. We always thought it was a market, and not a place for food, so never thought to visit. Until one day… And, it was one of the best decisions ever, because now we try to stop by after our Target shopping trips for the baklava, and for real food if we have the stomach for that!

We usually get the chicken shawarma dinner plate and share it between the two of us, then get a lot of different types of baklava for dessert. The dinner plate has enough food to feed two for a meal, and it is really good value at $11.99 (comes with a side salad too!) Also, it’s a self serve counter, so no tips!


Side salad that comes with the dinner plate – mostly iceberg lettuce with some tomatoes and onions. Nothing fancy, and the sauce is nothing to rave about either, but the serving is rather large, and you get your fill of veggies before the meat comes.


Chicken Shawarma Dinner – $11.99: You get to choose between rice pilaf and fries, and rice pilaf is definitely the right answer, because their rice is super fragrant. Like the salad, the portions are heaping. The chicken is tender and perfectly seasoned, and they definitely use chicken thigh instead of breast, which definitely helps with the flavor. I love that they really crisp up the edges before giving it to you, just like it is supposed to be. Also comes with some pita and some mysterious feta-tasting, cream cheese-textured thing, which is delicious! (Please let me know what it is if you know!)


Here’s another look from a different angle. So much chicken!!


Baklava for dessert! Sometimes they weigh it ($13.99 a pound) and other times they’ve sold it per piece (I think it’s between $2 and $2.50 per piece), so I don’t know how it really works. Though, I’ve got to say that if they weigh it, it’s a lot easier on your wallet! Nonetheless, here are some that we’ve tried. They are all really good. I can’t remember what exactly they are, but they are delicious!


I think this is the regular baklava (with pistachios!)


One of my favorites! I call it the “bird nest”. I don’t actually know it’s name though. Do you? Please let me know!

Armenian Market and Bakery

Address: 23 Elm St
Watertown, MA 02472

Phone: (857) 228-3014

Hours: M-Sa | 9am – 9pm
Su | 10am – 6pm

Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)

Overall: Best baklavas ever! I’ll be back!


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