Boston Eats: Qingdao Garden @ North Cambridge

I have heard so much about Qingdao Garden and have never been there, while J has been a few times with different groups of friends already. I was jealous, and so I made it a point to visit one day with a few friends. I think they are famous for their dumplings, but I wasn’t very impressed with the dumplings we got (and also forgot to take a picture.) The boss of the place was very friendly and found it rather amusing that we were a group of two Asian and two White people, and made rather strange (in a friendly way) remarks throughout the meal. Peculiar dude.


鱼香茄子 (Fish Fragrant Eggplant) – $10.95: The eggplant were cooked perfectly, but the sauce resembled the American-Chinese style sauces more than any yu xiang (fish fragrant) style I know. I was disappointed at the authenticity or lack thereof, but it tasted decent if you didn’t think of it as authentic.


Szechuan Fish – $15.95: Quite flavorful! There was a fair amount of fish in the dish too, and there was also napa cabbage and other veggies in there. Decent and good. The sauce was thicker than I am used to, but it didn’t bother me at all. I slurped up as much as I could take!



Dandan Noodles – $8.95: Way too salty, and didn’t really have any meat in it at all. It was really just really salty and sweet sauce over a bunch of boiled noodles with cucumbers on top. A travesty. I really disliked this dish. Never again!


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