New York Eats: Woorijip Authentic Korean Food @ Midtown West/Koreatown

Visited Woorijip on a different trip to NYC, where I met up with a old friend PP. We have a long tradition of visiting NYC for a weekend to eat, and maybe shop a little, but mostly eat.

Decided to try Woorijip because I arrived in NYC a little early, and was just hanging out in the Midtown West area waiting for PP’s bus from Ithaca to arrive. Decided to give Woorijip a try because it had good reviews, and I was eating alone and wanted a place that would be single-friendly. Woorijip was it! It was a Korean style buffet that you pay by weight for. They also had pre-packaged meals that allow you to just grab and go, but I decided to try the buffet items because they all looked amazing! In fact, it was so good that I went back to Woorijip the next day on the way to catch my bus, and got another lunchbox of more yummy Korean foods to eat enroute to Boston.


Woorijip is very busy and it might be a little confusing when you first step in. Basically, just head to the line, get a disposable lunch box, and grab whatever you want. They have a 30-40 item buffet line, so there is something there for everyone! At the end of it, you stand in line to pay. Then, you may take your food in a bag to go, or head to one of those seats scattered everywhere in the little store to enjoy your meal. And the best part is, all this is for $7.99/lb. Also, it’s open from 9AM to 3AM. Wow!


Here’s my plate from day 1! I got a little bit of everything. Everything from jap chae to chicken wings to bulgogi to kimbab and all sorts of pancakes. Everything was good, but the jap chae was amazing! I think it was my favorite thing on the plate. The pancakes were really good too, and my favorite was the green one (I think it was spinach?) I really liked the pork bulgogi as well, but wish it were slightly warmer. My least favorite thing on this plate was the kimbab. It was a little dry for me, but I often feel that kimbab a little dry to begin with. All yummy! This meal was about $12.



Here’s my plate from day 2! As you can tell, I got a lot more of the jap chae this time. So yummy!! Also got a piece of fish (don’t know why, just felt like it) and more pancake like things! This meal was about $8-ish.

Woorijip Authentic Korean Food

Address: 12 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001

Telephone: (212) 244-1115

Hours: Daily | 9am – 3am

Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)

Overall: Can’t wait to be back!


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