Boston Eats: Cafe Rustico @ North Station

I was out in the North Station area of Boston for some immigration appointments, and found myself at Cafe Rustico. I saw a little corner shop bustling with activity, and wanted to know what good was going on in there. I was too tired to think, and decided to just go for the daily lunch special, which happened to be penne with chicken and broccoli. I took an outside table (it was warm enough for that now!) and just people watched for a good 45 minutes. The service was good and there was just so much going on there that people watching was good entertainment!


Lunch special came with bread and butter! Nothing fancy with the bread or butter, though I would have preferred warmed bread too.


Penne with Chicken and Broccoli – ~$10 (don’t remember the exact price!): There were tomatoes in this too! Pasta was cooked well. The veggies were cooked right as well. There were not many pieces of chicken in there, and the chicken did not taste like anything. There was no seasoning on the chicken or on the pasta at all. I had to salt it liberally, more than I ever would have in a decent establishment. It was a shame, really. I am disappoint.

Cafe Rustico

Address: 85 Canal St
Boston, MA 02144

Telephone: (617) 742-8770

Hours: M-Fr | 7am – 4pm
Sa, Su | closed

Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)

Overall: Nope.


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