Boston Eats: Little Panda Hot Pot @ Newton

Last Chinese New Year (yes, there is a huge backlog of posts!), we were too busy to make food at home, so we searched around for places to get hotpot, and decided to try Little Panda Hot Pot in Newton.


Interior of Little Panda. It was not a large restaurant at all. Unfortunately, I think they had a grand total of two servers, so it was hard to flag people down and get refills on things. The lady boss was friendly though!


Here’s the buffet menu. You can get ANYTHING from this menu as part of the buffet! It used to be $22ish per person, but is now $26.95!


Hotpot sauces! I love the free flow of minced garlic. They chopped it really finely too!


This was our receipt and a list of what we ordered. Yes, we got a lot of food!


Fish paste: Tasted pretty good! It came in this mysterious goopy form, but when you put it in the soup to cook, it actually firms up and tastes like a cross between a fish ball and a meat ball.


Veggie platter: First time having tomatoes in hotpot. That didn’t work out quite as well – the innards kept floating away!


All different kinds of balls (fishballs, beef balls, meatballs), some scallop and some shrimp! The shrimp is fresh, and they also have the option of headless shrimp, if you’re that type.


Sliced pork (on left), beef (on right, front) and supreme sirloin (on right, back.) Our favorite was the fattier beef that is at the back. We ordered 4 orders of it!


Half and half soup. I want to say that the soup upgrades ($3 more each) were not really worth it. I could not taste the difference between normal chicken and the special black chicken at all, while there was some herbal flavors in the herbal chicken version. The regular soup is probably fine.


The carnage!!

Little Panda Hot Pot

Address: 870 Walnut St
Newton, MA 02459

Phone: (617) 969-0888

Hours: Su – Th | 11am – 9.30pm
Fr, Sa | 11am – 12am

Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)

Overall: Good, but you can do it at home too!


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