Boston Eats: Mixtura @ Porter Square

In the winter, we got into a habit of having weekly brunches with different groups of friends. I love brunch food, and am always on the lookout for more good, but reasonably priced options in the area. We found Mixtura and thought it was interesting because it boasted to have “Latin Fusion” cuisine, whatever that is. Whatever it is though, it is awesome. Also, best home fries ever. I love the home fries at Mixtura and have been trying to recreate that crunchy herb crust they have. It is wonderful! I’d be back here in a heartbeat.


The menu!


Breakfast A Lo Pobre – $12: Description by Mixtura: “Our breakfast version of the traditional Peruvian dish, “Bisteck a lo Pobre”. Grilled steak over spinach, topped with two eggs.” This was quite good. The home fries were the homerun winner of the plate. The plantains were perfectly cooked, and the beef was well seasoned. As with usual breakfast steaks, these were a little tough, but very flavorful. Yummy!


Here’s another look at my breakfast, and look at that home fry! It is so crusty and delicious! Best thing on the plate!


El Recuteco – $8.50 : Description by Mixtura: “Two scrambled eggs with home made chorizo served with home fries and guacamole.” The chorizo was slightly salty, so the omelette was very flavorful. The guacamole was creamy and took some getting used to. It was like a guacamole sauce more than anything. Again, fries were a winner. Omelete was good too, but the fries… oh the fries!


Peruvian Style Empanadas – $5: You can get these with beef, chicken or spinach. We chose beef. This was not like your usual empanada with crispy crusts. This crust was doughy, heavy and thick. I didn’t like it very much. It was also $5, which is a lot to pay for an empanada.


A bite of empanada!


Super Smoothie – $5.50: Okay, fine. That’s not the name of the smoothie (I forgot it’s name), but it’s the smoothie with everything–banana, orange, strawberries, mango, more fruits, AND AN EGG. It’s the liquid breakfast for kings, and it is delicious! It is super super thick, and super super fruity. If you have this, you probably won’t need any more food. It is huge! Quite good. I would save space for real food though, but that’s how I am.


Purple Corn Drink – $3: Purple corn drink was really sweet, but good. Just like any other purple corn drink. Tasted sweet, and was purple. No other flavor whatsoever.

Address: 300 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143
Telephone: (857) 242-4138
Hours: M-Sa | 8am – 2pm, 4pm – 10pm
Su | 8am – 4pm
Price Range: $$ for brunch ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Yum!!


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