Boston Eats: Mooo Restaurant @ Downtown

On my birthday, J wanted to give me a surprise and wouldn’t tell me where we were going for dinner. We walked around Downtown Crossing and tried to shop (we are very unsuccessful at spending money), and eventually walked into Mooo. Mooo was a restaurant that had been on my radar for a long time. I even suggested that we have our wedding there, because steak is delicious, but alas, we had vegetarian family, and they wouldn’t be too pleased with the choice of a steakhouse. 😦 Anyway, glad to finally eat at Mooo!


J. What a wonderful sight to sit across from this dope day in and day out.


My attempt at dressing like a grown up. Brand new dress!


Here’s the menu! We were intrigued and a little lost with all the options they had for the meats.


Decided to go for the prix fixe dinner because it seemed like a great deal!


The bread was so so so good! Fluffy, sweet, soft and warm. Also, huge salt crystals. Yum!!


J got the lobster bisque. It was delicious and very very lobstery! It had a lot of lobster chunks in there too, which J was very excited about. It came with big biscuits too!


I got the beef tartare, which I was very excited about. It was very good, and the addition of the avocado and quail egg made for a very rich tartare. The beef was tender, but there were one or two stringy bits. The little pickles cut the richness very well, and I thought it was a perfect starter. It came with some crostini too. There weren’t awesome. In fact, they were not warm, and kinda hard to bite on.


Another look at the lobster bisque and big biscuits!


Another look at my steak tartare.


Steak tartare on the crostini!


For sides, we got the creamed spinach. This was good, and was unlike any other creamed spinach I’ve had. It is really creamy, but not cloyingly creamy, if you know what I mean. The cream was like heavy cream, rather than some sticky cheesy thing. It was really good and I really enjoyed it. Could probably do with some more salt, but I’m not complaining because there was table salt!


We also got the mashed potatoes! Super buttery and creamy, but there were some chunks in there too. They’re just like mashed potatoes should be. Super buttery, and a ton of cream went in there. I approve!


The center piece… *drumroll* Steak! It’s a 12 oz. sirloin. We both got it medium rare. It was good. It was meat. And it was crusty!! That’s the mark of a good steak! My steak wasn’t very moist, but it was okay. Also, the bone marrow butter that came with it was divine. I wish we had more of that, really. I also would have liked my steak slightly salted, because I think it enhances the flavor of the beef. But to each his own!


Medium rare!


Banana foster was my pick for dessert. It was so good! It came to the table dry, then the waiter poured this mass load of caramel over it. The bananas were crispy caramelized–these were perfect. I would definitely get the banana foster again.


The butterscotch parfait was not my favorite dessert. It was very dense, but not in the creamy way. It was also deathly sweet, which I really didn’t like. You know how some desserts have sweet with a different flavor like sour or salty to them? This one was sweet on top of sweet on top of sweet, and had a homogeneous texture, which was not very exciting. I would recommend not getting this in favor of the banana foster. It was that good! Or this was that not!


Here are our desserts!


Us! The only photo of us that evening, and the only one with flash! [No, I don’t own that Vermilion lipstick anymore!]

After the dinner, I found out that you can pretty much get the same meal at lunch for $20 less per person. Sure, instead of a choice of sides, you get their truffle fries, which, isn’t that bad a thing, for being $20 less! I would do that in future, rather than spend $45 for dinner. Actually, next time, I’d probably order a la carte and see if their a la carte steaks are better. The sirloin was good, but it did not blow my mind. I want another mind-blowing steak experience!!

Address: 15 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 670-2515
Hours: M-Fr | 7am – 12.30am
Sa | 8am – 12.30am
Su | 10am – 12.30am
Price Range: $$$$$$ ($50 to $60 per person)
Overall: Yum!


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