Singapore Eats: Geylang Lor 29 Hokkien Mee @ Katong

My dad is the foodie for Hokkien Mee, and on my last trip back to the motherland, he told me that he has found the gold standard for Hokkien Mee on the island, and it was quite near to where we lived. I don’t know of the heritage of this stall, nor do I care much about it because there are many other Lorong 29 Hokkien Mees around, but I do know that the Hokkien Mee is here is really really good, and I’ve never tasted better Hokkien Mee ever. [Yes, my dad is the Hokkien Mee connoisseur and we’ve been around famous Hokkien Mee places, and this one is the best.] I heard that they still fry it over charcoal fire, which is why it is so good, and has a good amount of wok hei.

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It is a stall situated in a food court like thing. Parking was a disaster, but there are many buses to get you there. They not only sell Hokkien Mee, but also carrot cake and oyster omelette (or luak).

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This is the family plate of Hokkien Mee and it costs $20. That seems steep, but it will easily feed 3 big eaters, or 4 small eaters. The noodles are not soggy or oily, and really does have that fresh seafood taste to it! It tastes good on the tongue too. The sotong (squid) and shrimp are very fresh, and there is a good amount of pork belly meat in there too. Yum!

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They only fry the white type of char kuay (fried carrot cake) here. It is decent, but not the best. Actually, it reminds me of the white carrot cake at Makansutra Glutton’s Bay, but does not have as crispy edges. It is however, less oily for sure. Nice punch of fish sauce. $6 for this big plate for my family of 5 to share (yes, we are big eaters!)

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Or luak (oyster omelette) here is very very good too! This is a $15 plate, and the oysters were super huge, fresh and succulent! Other than the or luak at Whampoa, I think this is my next favorite or luak! The edges of the batter are really crispy, and it is not too oily (still oily lah.) Also, unlike Whampoa, where you have to queue for 30 minutes, you just place your orders at the counter, then sit and wait for your food, which is really nice.

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Still can’t get enough of the Hokkien Mee. Really the best I’ve ever had!

Geylang Lorong 29 Hokkien Mee
Address: 396 East Coast Road, Singapore
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)
Telephone: +65 62420080
Hours: T-Su | 11.30am – 9.30pm
Overall: Must eat here!


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