Singapore Eats: Sushi Tei @ Bedok Point

Brought my grandma out for lunch one day, and wanted to bring her to something different other than the usual Chinese food. Since we had to be of walking distance, it really limited our choices to just being in Bedok Point, even though walking to Bedok Point leaves my grandma huffing and puffing already. There wasn’t much options at Bedok Point, and so we decided to hit Sushi Tei. Sushi Tei used to be decent at Holland Village, so I figured, why not? Plus, it was lunch, which meant that there were specials, and the prices were pretty decent too.

Camera 360

I got a Sake Don (salmon sashimi bowl) [don’t remember how much this cost, but it was around $14] for myself and a Beef Teriyaki Don [I don’t remember for sure, but it was about $10 too) for my grandma because she likes beef, and we don’t usually eat beef at home. For both of these, there was a lot of sushi rice on the bottom, but the amount of salmon sashimi and beef was just miserably tiny. It was sad how even with a generous spoonful of rice and one slice of beef with each bite, there was not enough beef to go with the entire bowl. Same with the salmon too–8 slices only? Also, may I add that the salmon quality was only so-so. Not impressed. Actually, quite disappointed.

Camera 360

A closer look at grandma’s beef teriyaki don. Miserable amount of meat. Seriously Sushi Tei? Is this an acceptable lunch portion to you?

Camera 360

Here’s another look at my sake don. Very very thin slices of salmon.

Camera 360

In addition to the bowls that we ordered, we took advantage of the sushi belt too. I picked this up from the belt. I think it was about $5. This was quite good. They wrapped a little ball of rice with sushi (not very good quality one) and topped it with regular red tobiko, black (squid ink) tobiko and green (wasabi) tobiko. Quite tasty, though for that price, I was hoping they used better fish. The fish had some stringy-ness to it.

Camera 360

We also got a chawanmushi (~$4) to share because my grandma likes steamed eggs. It was very smooth and quite good! There was a slice of shiitake mushroom and a little bite of chicken thigh inside. Other than that, it was just smooth eggs.

Camera 360

My grandma picked this from the sushi belt. She did not know what it was. It was inari sushi with tuna salad–definitely not something I would have picked, but we ate it anyway. I like the inari. It was sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. The tuna salad though, was not tasty. Tastes like canned tuna (I know it is made from canned tuna, but one can try to get that tinned smell away from it, right?)

Sushi Tei
Address: #02-05/09, Bedok Point, 799 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore
Telephone: +65 62423323
Hours: Daily | 11.30am – 10pm
Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: Not good! Won’t return.


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