Singapore Eats: Original Changi Ten Mile Fried Carrot Cake @ Bedok South

Every time I’m back in the motherland, my to-go first meal is always fried carrot cake or char kuay. I don’t know why, but it is my most favorite food in the world. Seriously, I really can’t figure out why this dish is so good and why I always always want it, but I do, and it is my weakness!

This is the closest char kuay stall from my parent’s flat, and so it is usually what I have for breakfast, unless I decide to make it on my own (which, is seriously, of hawker standard–see below!) This is found in the Blk 16 Bedok South Market, which has a bunch of other good food too, like the Hill Street Char Kuay Teow, which is just directly across this stall.

Camera 360

This must be later in the day, because the Nyonya Kueh stall is closed. That stall usually opens in the mornings.

Camera 360

For $2.50, you get a small plate fit for one. Is it good? Eh, it’s okay. It has the lovely chao ta (burnt) bits that I love, but other than that, it is very meh. This is the style of the Changi Ten Mile char kuay. Apparently the uncle has been frying char kuay for more than 30 years–since the 80s at Somapah Village near Changi! Do you need to make a special trip to eat this char kuay, definitely not. Also, if you wrap it up and take it home to eat, it tastes better. Somehow. Don’t ask me how though!

Compare that, to my own homemade char kuay (below), and I think the winner is quite obvious. (Yes, I’m very buay hiao bai.) I’ll post a recipe for my char kuay soon!



Original Changi Ten Mile Char Kuay
Address: 16 Bedok South Rd, 460016, Singapore
Hours: Daily | mornings and afternoons
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)
Overall: Meh.


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