Boston Eats: Top Dog @ Rockport

Headed to Bearskin Neck in Rockport one Saturday since we were supposed to meet up with friends at the Lobster Pool later that evening. We’ve never been to Bearskin Neck before, and it was really really fun with lots of food choices, quirky artist shops and the smell of sea everywhere! Totally my type of place! One day, I’ll buy a studio on the water, and work on my work there, with all the other cool artists!

We decided to head to Top Dog, since it was highly rated on Yelp. Unfortunately, my experience at Top Dog was not good. It was mediocre food with tiny portions at extravagant prices–everything that I hate!

Here’s more from the Rockport trip: The Lobster Pool, Hula Moon Cafe


Entrance! There were so many people here!


The menu!


Burger/Slider with Onion and Cheese – $3.75: Good burger, but it was tiny. Two bites was all it took to finish this teeny boy. I could have had three of these and still feel hungry. Poor J… he was starving and thought he could get away with just this. In the end we had to get more fries!


Shaggy Dog – Hot dog with coleslaw and BBQ Sauce – $4: Very normal dog in a very normal bun. Even the Ikea 50c dog was bigger than this one. The only thing different was that it had coleslaw on it. In general, it was okay. The coleslaw was a little sweet and the BBQ sauce made the whole bite sweeter than needed. $4 for this is insane. You’d have to have two or three to be even satiated!


Onion Rings – $6.50: Super huge amount of onion rings that were freshly fried. It was crisp, but very quickly became hard. The batter was a tad salty.


Clam Chowder (cup) – $4.25: Average tasting chowder. Lots of potato in it, with not much clams. Not too bad, and they gave us two packs of oyster crackers!


French Fries (small) – $2.95: Decently fried! Crisp and good. Very small portion though.

Chihuahua – Hot dog with jalepeno peppers, salsa and cheese – $4: Same dog and bun as above. The pickled jalepno did give some kick, but there were only two peppers on the dog. Salsa kept the dog light and fresh. Good!

Top Dog

Address: 2 Doyles Cove Rd., Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA 01966
Telephone: 978-546-0006
Summer Hours (end of June till Labor Day): Daily | 11am – 9pm
Fall Hours (Labor Day – Columbus Day)/Spring Hours (March – end of June): M-Th | 11am – 4pm
Fr – Su | 11am – 7pm
Winter Hours (Columbus Day – December): Weekdays | closed
Weekends | sometimes open, call first
Dead-of-Winter Hours (December-March): Closed
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Overpriced. Won’t be back!


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