Boston Eats: Hula Moon Cafe @ Rockport

For our midday snack, we headed to Hula Moon Cafe, since we passed it while heading to Bearskin Neck, and remarked at how ‘shave ice’ was correctly grammatically inaccurate, like it would have been in Hawaii. Just because of that one teeny reason, we found ourselves in Hula Moon Cafe for shave ice. We chatted with the owner a little, since it was strange to see a Hawaiian themed cafe in New England seaside towns. Although he is not from Hawaii, he has a daughter who lives there, thus visits sometimes.

The interior of Hula Moon was not lighted at all, and had a rather grimey feel. They had a ice shaving machine (yay) which reminded me of ice kacang. You could choose two flavors for your shaved cup of ice, though most flavors were descriptive (like ‘Ocean Mist’) and made zero sense to what they actually were.

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Interior of Hula Moon Cafe!


Shave Ice – $3: We chose ‘Ocean Mist’ and ‘Mixed Berries’ for our flavors. The ice was very roughly shaved, which was quite unlike the ones we had in Hawaii. The flavors were strange too; the green one was minty/lemony/limey and the red one was extremely sweet. They did not pair together very well, and were not fragrant at all. It was nice to have sweet ice on one’s tongue, but the texture of the ice was the biggest thing that hit me as ‘wrong’.

Hula Moon Cafe

Address: 27 Mount Pleasant St
Rockport, MA 01966
Telephone: (978) 546-2572
Summer Hours: Daily | 10am – 7pm
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)
Overall: Probably won’t be back


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