Costa Rica Eats: Soda y Restaurante Viquez @ La Fortuna

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We went to Costa Rica for our very very belated (about a year later) honeymoon! It was the least honeymoon-like vacation we’ve been on, but whatever, we’ll just call it a honeymoon.

Our first stop in Costa Rica was at La Fortuna, where we stayed for four days. In that four days, we visited Soday y Restaurante Viquez three times, because it was just that good. Seriously, after eating at many more sodas (cafes), our favorite was still Viquez. I want to say it’s the best casado in Costa Rica (someone on TripAdvisor did say this), but it was definitely by far the best casado we had in our entire trip, and we did have many good casados!


The menu looks so high class!


All three nights, we sat at the same table, facing the entrance.


The table and it’s condiments. The green bottle of salsa is one of my favorites. I have no idea what it is, but it says ‘salsa’.


Garlic Bread – gratis: Once you are seated, they’ll immediately bring out some garlic bread! The bread was pretty average, but I have to note that this was the one and only soda in all of Costa Rica that we went to, that gave you an appetizer to start. That’s just awesome!


Beef Steak Casado – 3000 colones/US$6: This was from our first trip to Viquez. The lady owner, Maria, recommended this and the seabass below. Casado is loosely translated as ‘typical dish’, or basically what all the Ticos eat all the time (verified by talking to our Tico guides) in Costa Rica. It usually consists of rice and beans, some veggies, choice of beef/pork/chicken/fish and some plantains. Viquez’s casado is the only casado we had that had three side dishes–pasta and tuna salad, mashed yucca root, stewed tomatoes and carrots and egg and beetroot salad. The beef was tender and came with fried onions. Excellent and great value!


Sea Bass with Garlic Sauce – 4200 colones/US$8.40: My seabass came with rice, salad, mashed yucca and beetroot. The fish was a significantly larger portion than a casado portion, hence the reduced sides. I was a little jealous of J after seeing what he got in his casado. He had more variety, though I had a larger piece of protein.


Pork Casado – 3000 colones/US$6: This day, there was no beetroot side. It was replaced with red cabbage slaw! The pork was good. Very juicy and flavorful! Yummy!


Beef and Tomato Stew Casado – 3000 colones/US$6: As above, but with salad and beetroot salad? The sides keep changing! I just can’t keep track. The stew was really really good! Meat was fall off your fork! It was amazing!


Cream Batildo – 1000 colones/US$2: Sounds exactly like the description. It was creamy and in a strange yellow shade. Quite sweet and thick. Delicious, but can be a little overwhelming!


Batildos (shakes) – 1000 colones/US$2: Pineapple and soursop milkeshakes. Both freshly made and had chunks of fruit inside. Very refreshing!


Tamarind Drink – 1000 colones/US$2: Lots of tamarind chunks inside! Not too sweet and still very refreshing!


Rice Pudding Dessert – gratis: Dinner always ended with sweet rice pudding for dessert. Viquez was also the only soda that offered free dessert. Really, Viquez is the best!

Soda y Restaurante Viquez

Address: Located one block south from the southeast corner of the central park
Hours: Daily | 7 am-10 pm
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Highly recommended!


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