Costa Rica Eats: Chifa La Familia Feliz @ La Fortuna

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After two nights of eating at Soda y Restaurant Viquez, we decided that we should seek out something different for dinner. We saw that there was a Peruvian place in La Fortuna and wanted to find it. As expected, the maps all placed this restaurant at the wrong spot, and it was just impossible to find. We walked up and down the main area of La Fortuna looking for this place and failed terribly. Even the Ticos gave us wrong instructions! One of them told us there was a big shrimp in front of the restaurant, but we saw no big shrimp, and it was not even on the same road as he told us it was! Also, this was also the first night since my knee accident, and walking around La Fortuna was difficult. Thank goodness my good eye spotted this dimly lit place in the corner of an uncharted street after a little while. *PHEW*

When we entered the restaurant, we did not ask if we could pay by credit card. We found out the hard way that they do not accept card, despite looking posher than many other restaurants in the area that did accept card. Looks can be misleading! Also, we thought we were eating in a Peruvian place, but in fact, this was a Chinese and Peruvian place, which was really really confusing. In addition, the Peruvian section of the menu was tiny and not quite Peruvian at all. The only Peruvian item I knew from looking at the menu was the ceviche. Haha! Really, it was not even funny. I was SO disappointed!


Sea Bass Ceviche – 5000 colones/US$10: Decent ceviche! The fish was well marinated and the little bits of sweet corn definitely helped with textural and flavor contrasts. Sweet potato was cooked well too. Very small portions though!


Chicken in Peanut Sauce – 6000 colones/US$12: This was introduced in the menu as Peruvian, but it really is a Thai peanut curry. It was not very good, and the portions were rather small as well.



Here’s my dopey husband! Look at the place setting! It’s much fancier than other restaurants in the area, yet they don’t take card.

Also, soon after the food was served, the chef came out to say hello to us. That was a nice touch, but I would have preferred better food and less misleading publicity! It’s very disappointing to expect Peruvian food for dinner, then have mediocre quasi Chinese/Thai instead. 😦 Definitely our worst meal in Costa Rica.

Chifa La Familia Feliz

Address: One block west and one block south from the southwest corner of the main park.
Price Range: $$$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Not good!


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