Costa Rica Eats: Rainforest Cafe @ La Fortuna

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After our very very disappointing meal at Chifa La Familia Feliz, that cheated me of my Peruvian dinner, we headed to Rainforest Cafe to try their brownies in an attempt to save the day. We heard about this amazing brownie at Rainforest Cafe from someone on our White Water Rafting tour the day before, and so decided to come try it! We also heard from others that they had really good coffee, but we were not drinking coffee late at night!

When we got to Rainforest Cafe, we were the only ones there. They were closing in 15 minutes (about 10pm), but were happy to serve us our brownie! Thank you for letting us in!


A very empty Rainforest Cafe. It is much more crowded in the day!



Brownie – 2200 colones/US$4.50: Good warm brownie with a good crust! Yummy! It did indeed save the night a little, though it did little to heal my sprained knee!

Rainforest Cafe

Address: One block south from the southeast corner of the park. Right next to Soda y Restaurante Viquez!
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Good!


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