Costa Rica Eats: Tico y Pico @ Santa Elena

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After our long and butt-massaging (that’s what the Ticos said!) trip from La Fortuna to Monteverde, where we traveled by bus to Lake Arenal, then walked down this crazy muddy sloping river bank with a really really bad knee (sorry to all the people who had to wait for me to slowly trudge down the river bank), then took a ferry boat across Lake Arenal, then took another 2 and a half hour bumpy mountain journey to Monteverde, J and I checked into our really cute hotel–Rustic Lodge.

By the time we got to Rustic Lodge, it was about 1pm, and we were hungry. We decided to walk to town (yes, stupid sprained knee in tow), to check it out, and hopefully get some medical supplies for my knee. We walked past Tico y Pico, but there were just too many gringos (white people, mostly American) there for our comfort. We walked around more, passed by the slightly famous Tree Cafe, then decided that the place with “too many gringos” (quoting me) was the one I read about in the guide book. Hence, we walked back, and by this time (about 2.45pm or so), all the gringos were gone and we were the only ones left in the cafe! Yay!


Fish Casado – 4600 colones / US$9: Got more casado. It is usually a safe bet! This one was quite good. I ‘donated’ my beans to J, because his plate looked a little sad. I also didn’t feel like having beans. I happily ate the sauteed zucchini and yellow squash side. It was delicious! The fish was nicely breaded and very very light. Yummy!


Pollo con Arroz – 3600 colones/US$7: As you can see, the plate looks a little bare. There was stewed chicken and rice with some tortillas. The chicken was good and the sauce was actually really tasty! I’m sure J was hungry after this, but he didn’t want to tell me so since I would pile more food from my plate onto his!



Pineapple shake – 1600 colones / US$3.20: Good shake. Naturally sweet from the pineapples. Nothing special now that we’ve been having some sort of fruit shake at every meal. Super refreshing!

Tico y Pico 

Address: Center of town on Rt606. It is opposite a Catholic church and on the same street as the Tree House.
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: OK!


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